BOSTON (CBS) – The Patriots had Tuesday off after beating the Chiefs Monday night, but that didn’t stop some of the guys from getting out in the community and helping others.

Several members of the team including Rob Gronkowski, Kevin Faulk, Vince Wilfork and owner Robert Kraft helped hand out 220 Thanksgiving baskets to families in need at the Goodwill Headquarters in Roxbury.

It’s the 18th year the Pats have been doing this and the guys enjoyed helping out.

“The event is a great event. It’s awesome to be out here, giving out turkey, stuffing, all that stuff. All the good Thanksgiving meals to all these people; bringing them out to their cars,” said Gronkowski. “It’s a great cause, great to be a part of it.”

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“Every year I want to do it. Just because it means a lot when you can, I’m so big about community especially around Thanksgiving,” said Wilfork. It’s all about giving back and being thankful. The success that we have, a lot of people don’t have that success. I think Thanksgiving is a time of giving. A lot of people look at Christmas, but I think Thanksgiving is probably one of the biggest.”

“This is something special, because I always think back to the time when my family was always in need at this time,” Wilfork continued. ” We had close friends that did what they could for us, and we never went without a thanksgiving. I think these times bring people together, bring families together.”

“It’s one of our favorite events,” said Kraft, who added it was his late-wife Myra who got this all started.

“This is what she was always about; giving back especially in times like this,” said Wilfork. “Giving thanks and being grateful for what you have.”

The food was provided by Stop and Shop.

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  1. PineBeltAuto says:

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    Mr. Kraft continues to care for his community any way he can. I heard last night that he is matching a scholarship fund in his late wife’s name and contributing 4 Million dollars to the account. The scholarship is geared towards kids who make a difference in their community. It is nice to see a person practice what they preach. Well done Mr. Kraft.

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