BOSTON (CBS) – A fare hike and service cuts on the “T” are closer to becoming a reality.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Don Huff reports.

With a projected $160 million budget deficit in next year’s budget, acting “T” general manager Jon Davis said they’ve done just about everything they can to cut costs, and now they’re looking at all options to bridge the gap.

“We look at revenues. That primarily means we’d need to look at fares and the level of service we’re providing,” said Davis.

Davis adds personnel cuts are also on the table.

“We would take a look at other opportunities for cost efficiencies and productivity improvements without impacting service,” said Davis.

Davis emphasizes nothing is final yet, but if a fare hike is needed, there would be public hearings, and it would be put into effect July 1 of next year.

There has not been a fare hike on the “T” since 2007.

Comments (5)
  1. emom says:

    OK I TOLD YOU SO. How in the world can the MBTA plan on upgrades, new stations and then justify rate hikes. They create their store to sell their wares, then claim they are in DEBT and this was to off set that debt, Then they state they need to cut back on services, possibly laying off people and then claim they need help from the government to ward of financial disaster, Now when all that failed they resort to rate hikes, AHHHH does anyone see the trend with the MBTA. They pay their employee’s such high salaries, their higher ups get 3 figures a year and sit in an office and do nothing but USE what we pay for using the T. They have Buses out of service being driven around WHY. They do the same with trains. WHY. How are they getting all the money to upgrade some stations and building a NEW station. But at the same time claim they are BROKE, need federal and state assistance and now RATE HIKES.
    IDK But I think someone needs to look at those COOKED BOOKS.. Seems the MBTA is being run just like this country is,,, INTO THE GROUND. Why is this even allowed, OH WAIT this is Massachusetts and our government is a bunch of greedy , arrogant, egotistical bullies,,, IT’S BECAUSE THEY CAN AND GET A WAY WITH IT ALL.

    1. CommonSense says:

      You didn’t tell us anything. Everyone saw this coming from a mile away. You are so incredibly dense it isn’t even funny.

      1. emom says:

        really, I have been saying they were going to raise the rates since last year when they where asking for finacial help, Oh and name calling once again how mature.

  2. Jim_J says:

    Go to the web pages for the transit agencies in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco or any other US city that has a transit system. You will discover that the MBTA has the lowest fares in the nation. Raising fares is long overdue since the cost of fuel, vehicles and almost everything else that a transit authority purchases has gone sky high. In January 2007, the cost of a barrel of crude oil averaged $47. Today’s price is over $97. It’s time to get the MBTA closer to being on a fiscally sound basis.

    1. Italo says:

      Exactly, Jim. Yet this will be the same demographic of people who will not stop for a moment to pay $1,000 for a sports game ticket, or else to buy a lock of Elvis’s hair, gold-flecked caviar, or autographed hi-top sneakers on e-Bay.

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