SOMERVILLE (CBS) – The suspect charged in a string of attacks on women in Somerville is in the country illegally, officials with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed Monday.

Alfredo Romero Posada, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, is charged with attacks on Wallace Street Sept. 10, on College Avenue Sept. 24, and a third attack in Medford on Oct. 22.

The 22-year-old Posada will be prosecuted on the local charges against him first, and then be handed over to immigration authorities.

Police are still looking at Posada as possibly being connected with three similar unsolved assaults on women in Somerville.

Posada, who was ordered held without bail on Friday, is scheduled for a dangerousness hearing on Tuesday.

Comments (4)
  1. fred says:

    He is just committing the assaults that American’s are too busy to commit. Has this person been stopped by the authorities in the past and released because this state refuses to enforce the law regarding illegals? If he has, the victims should file suit against the police and the governor for their injuries and associated trama. They never would have been victimized if the state was doing its job.

  2. gramps says:

    Capturing him means ‘one’ less vote for ‘Deval’ & the ‘left’….


  3. timma says:

    and guess where he lives……… the clarendon hill projects in somerville. another illegal parasite on the system w free housing. good thing, when Capuano was mayor that he and the board of alderman declared somerville a sanctuary city. could you imigine the crime rate if they didn’t! all those poor gang members would have had to stay in chelsea.

  4. thor's hammer says:

    well, well, well. let’s vote: dangerous – hands up. unanimous! no bail/immigration lawyer/tv/computer/phone calls/visitors. he’s here illegally, so why any special treatment. ok, bleeding hearts, he’s got an aclu lawyer, because that’s what the system says we have to do. put him in a circular cell, no greater than 6 feet in diameter, minimal electriciy, no outdoor privileges and 2 meals a day. put a microchip in so that after he’s deported, we can monitor his whereabouts. justice for his victims only!

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