FOXBORO (CBS) – WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid is at Gillette Stadium as the Patriots take on the Chiefs on Monday Night Football.

Levan breaks it all down, from the highs and the lows, from quarter-to-quarter.

Fourth Quarter/Final Thoughts

The Highs

– The Chiefs started the fourth quarter with the ball, and drive down the field. But with Arrington nursing an arm injury, Phillip Adams is in and he makes the most of it. Picks off Palko in the end zone for the Patriots third interception of the game. Where did this secondary come from? Or is it just Palko…

– The Patriots made sure Palko never got comfortable in his first NFL start. Andre Carter, Mark Anderson and a slew of the linebacker applied the pressure and make him force throws. Patriots finished with three sacks (Mark Anderson 1.5, Rob Ninkovich 1 and Andre Carter .5) and the three picks.

– Rob Gronkowski was a beast again. Teams just do not have an answer for the monster tight end. He was held to just four catches, but they were big ones. Two more TDs for Gronkowski, one from 52-yards and the other from 19. Both were catch and runs and Gronk had to fight his way into the end zone, but there was no one there that could stop him.

– Rookie Offensive lineman Marcus Cannon saw his first NFL action of his career, playing some right tackle on the final New England drive. Cannon was just activated last week after beating non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma just a few months ago.

– Rookie running back Shane Vereen got his chance at the end of the game and made the most of it. Made eight runs for 39 yards and his first career touchdown. Garbage time or not, that’s got to be special for a rookie.

– They had another slow start, but the Patriots took care of business. New England has an easy road ahead of them, with their opponents sporting a combine 20-40 record. They could use that to build some more momentum heading into the postseason.

The Lows

– Right tackle Matt Light went down midway through the fourth quarter clenching his right knee. He limped off the field with help from the training staff and will have X-Rays done on the knee. It doesn’t matter where, the Patriots do not need any more injuries.

– After the Adams’ interception, the Patriots go three-and-out and are forced to punt. Brady with an incomplete to Branch on first down, and he was upset at someone. Green-Ellis picks up four on second down, but Brady gets pressured and throws short to Danny Woodhead on third down.

– It was a relatively quiet night for Wes Welker, who had just two catches for 22 yards on three targets. Everyone can have an off-night. I think Wes has earned this one…

Final: Patriots 34-3

Third Quarter

The Highs

– The Patriots open the quarter with the ball and they make sure they do something with it. It’s a steady dose of BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead on the ground and then Brady goes Gronkowski for a 19-yard  catch and run.  Gronk finished by diving over the line, stumbling into the endzone. After a few wobbly seconds, #87 finishes it with a big spike.  Classic Gronk!!!

Stats: Pats-Chiefs Box Score

– The Pats defense does their job.  Right after the offense scores, they get them right back out the field by forcing the Chiefs to a three-and-out.  On the punt, Julian Edelman takes it 72-yards to the house.  His second career punt return for a touchdown.

– Chiefs second possession and they are moving the ball until Kyle Arrington gets his hands on another interception.  Another “right place at the right time,” but it’s his seventh pick of the year, leading the NFL.  The Pats turn that into three points.

The Lows

– Aaron Hernandez dropped at touchdown pass to end the final drive of the quarter.  Pats had to settle for three.

Patriots up 27-3 after three

Second Quarter

The Highs

– Chiefs have the ball after a fumble recovery and are driving when Mark Anderson/Andre Carter share a big sack to bring thing to a halt.  The Chiefs would eventually have to punt.

– Chiefs second possession of the quarter and the defense holds.  They got some help by a holding call, but then got a big tackle from Julian Edelman.  Pats are using everyone on  the roster.

– Pats third possession of the quarter and they get on the board.  They ran the ball and that set up a 52-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski. Gronk’s 19th career score and ninth of the season.

– Chiefs third possession and the Pats get a turnover. Rob  Ninkovich on the blitz, he puts the hit on Tyler Palko and Kyle Arrington gets the interception. The Pats turn that into three points before the half.  They had a chance for seven but could not convert at the goal line.

The Lows

– First play of the quarter and Tom Brady is sacked and fumbles the ball.  KC recovers.  They start moving the ball.  Big third down play where Tyler Palko hits Dwyane Bowe for 28 yards.

– Pats get the ball back, and Tom gets drilled.  Second possession for the Pats offense and Tom gets sacked twice.  One time the Chiefs just rushed three and two of them got to Brady.  Tom sacked 3 times so far. The boo birds came out at the end of this drive.

– On the touchdown pass, Brady takes another hit.  He is hanging in the pocket, but he is getting beat up.

10-3 Pats at the half

First Quarter

The Highs

– Chiefs get the ball first and the Pats force them to three and out.  Andre Carter almost had an interception.

– Chiefs second possession and on a 3rd and one Jerod Mayo with a big stuff in the hole.  They force a fourth down and the Pats dee doesn’t fall for any head fakes and they get a punt on a delay of game.

– Chiefs third possession and James Ihedigbo is back on the field.  Defense still struggling but they hold the Chiefs to three when the get in the red zone.  Good plays by Andre Carter and Phillip Adams.

– Chiefs try and onside kick and the Pats get the ball on an illegal touch by the kicking team.  Pats get the ball where the Chiefs touched it.  The kick did not go ten yards.

The Lows

– Patriots first possession and they go three-and-out.  Tom Brady with an intentional grounding and BenJarvus Green-Ellis with a dropped pass.

– Chiefs second possession and James Ihedigbo gets hurt (shoulder).  Julian Edelman has to take over and the next snap, the Chiefs go 15 yards on a pass play.  The Pats are forced to take a timeout to get things back in order.  Way too thin in the defensive backfield.  They can’t afford to lose anybody.

– On the Pats second offensive possession and they are just having trouble moving the ball.  11 yards on a passing play to Hernandez gets their only first down of the drive.  Then when they punt, Zoltan Mesko has to make an open field tackle or the Chiefs would have scored.  Slow start.

Inactives: Chung, McCourty Out For Pats

– Chiefs third possession and they use the run to get on the board.  Only 3 points but they ran the ball down the field.  Pats having trouble stopping the run.  So far the KC has 70 yards on the ground.

3-0 Chiefs after one…

Tune in to the Patriots-Chiefs Monday Night showdown on 98.5 The Sports Hub. After the game tune in to the postgame show on 98.5, and Patriots Fifth Quarter on My TV38.


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