BOSTON (CBS) – Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated joined Gresh and Zo Monday to talk about Bobby Valentine and the Red Sox manager search.

Would Valentine’s personality fit here in Boston?

“I think so; I covered him in New York for quite a while. He’s a very positive, outgoing guy.  I know that he’s controversial, that some people haven’t loved him, part of that’s because he’s not that Terry Francona ‘players manager’ type guy. Well, some players love him.  There’s going to be some players who don’t love him so much,” Heyman said.

What’s the perception around baseball of how the Red Sox have handled this managers search?

“It never looks good when the GM has settled on someone and he’s rejected and that’s certainly what it appears to be. As I’ve said, I can see no other scenario here, the facts seem to be that. I don’t think it’s been on the level of the Orioles where they have been rejected by many, many people at different points in the process,” Heyman said.

Listen to the entire interview here:


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