The Bear Essentials by Mark Feldman, 98.5 The Sports Hub

Boston (CBS) – The arguments against trading Tuukka Rask are substantial. From Tim Thomas needing a strong back up to the young goalie being the future of this team, fans have been outspoken in support of number 40. The points against the trade are legitimate and generally sensical, however the bigger picture has been overshadowed by the details. If the Boston Bruins trade Tuukka Rask then they essentially will be reverting back to their old counterproductive selves.

There are simply no realistic trades or possibilities currently available that are worth sacrificing the Bruins’ future plan, and that’s including Rick Nash.

Sure, adding offensive strength would benefit any team in the short term but at what cost? Nash’s average of 33 goals-per-season is incomparable to solid goaltending, especially in regards to a defensive minded team such as the Bruins. Furthermore, the offensive potential already exists, as has been demonstrated by players like Tyler Seguin. Finally and most importantly, the core of the Bruins is young. There’s a future to build upon. Rask is part of that future.

Considering these factors, trading the young goaltender is a type of move that will prove to be detrimental to the future of this team. Letting go of Rask would be reminiscent of an unstable past; a past filled with poor trades, poor decisions and pure carelessness. It’s this exact mentality that must be avoided at all costs.

The Boston Bruins have their goaltender of the future. The team is playing well. Disrupting the chemistry is not only unnecessary but may also prove to be damaging. With all their recent success, it would be a shame if past failures reappeared.

  1. alan says:

    Just simply, why?

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