BOSTON (CBS) – Desiree Maguire choked back tears as members of law enforcement from across the state stood in support when she accepted a prestigious Hanna Award for bravery in memory of her husband, Woburn Police Officer Jack Maguire.

Maguire was killed the night after Christmas in 2010 during a jewelry heist at the Kohl’s in Woburn. Maguire’s brother Chuck said the award helps ease the pain, “It’s been a hard year, my brother was very brave that night and I think we all know that.”

The Hanna Award is given to members of law enforcement for their hard work, dedication and bravery. On the night Officer Jack Maguire was killed he managed to return fire that killed an armed suspect and protected his community.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

Mary Elizabeth Heffernan, the Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety described the award as a medal of honor bestowed upon Officer Maguire, “who gave what Lincoln called the last measure of devotion to protect the city from a fleeing gunman.”

Maguire’s sons and daughter stood by their mother’s side holding a picture of their dad. A dedicated cop like so many honored for their bravery. Some, like Somerville Detective Mario Oliveira, were seriously wounded but lucky enough to return home to their families. Colonel Marian McGovern said the award really drives home the fact that, “These officers every single day put their lives on the line and they never know and families are hoping their going to come back home.”

Chuck Maguire says Desiree is still heartbroken. He says he goes to his house and he’s there with his wife. He says Desiree goes home and Jack’s not there anymore.

The Hanna Awards are named after State Trooper George Hanna who was killed during a routine traffic stop in Auburn in 1983.


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