Boston Red Sox Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Sam Kennedy joined Felger and Massarotti to continue the talk about the Red Sox manager search.

What did Dale Sveum do that didn’t get him the job as Sox manager?

“I have no idea, I wasn’t there. I will tell you this, this process is going to end up with the right guy, but it’s going to take a little bit longer,” said Kennedy.

Is Ben Cherington leading the process of finding a new manager?

“Yes, he is leading that process and he has been doing a great job,” Kennedy answered.

How many actual candidates are there for the manager position?

Could we see a new manager before Thanksgiving?

“I think it would be definitely wrapped up soon, but I wouldn’t wanna put a timeline on it,” said Kennedy.

Is the front office ever worried about over selling the Red Sox product?

Listen to find out if they’ll stop playing “Sweet Caroline” in the 8th when the team is blowing it.


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