NEWPORT, N.H. (CBS) – The principal at Newport High School in New Hampshire has been charged with assaulting a student.

Police say Mark Christensen grabbed a 16-year-old girl by the neck and shook her.

The victim and her mother reported the incident to police on Tuesday. The attack allegedly happened during a meeting on August 31.

Police say that three witnesses backed up what the victim reported to police.

Christensen is charged with simple assault.

Comments (2)
  1. billbranch says:

    Our society has gone too far in the wrong direction. Teachers and school administrators need to be able to discipline unruly students, not fear arrest and loss of their jobs if a troublemaker has to endure corporal punishment, which in most cases is deserved.
    The parents blame the schools, and the teachjers hands are tied. But what happens when a student assaults a teacher? Close to nothing.

    1. A Rines says:

      Teachers and school administration have no right in any way or form to place their hands on a child. They are supposed to be the example for our children and by placing their hands on them and especially shaking them are in no way appropriate.
      I have two children myself and if anything like this was to ever happen to them you better bet I would make a big issue out of it. If the child was causing harm to another person then I would see that someone would try and restrain them, however this was not the case in this situation.
      I want positive influence in my children’s life and this is not someone that I would want around my child. This is only showing then the aggression is the answer to resolve a matter, when in fact there are many other things that could have taken place. If the child had upset him then he should have been the mature adult that he is supposed to be and walk out of them room to cool off before placing his hands on a child. What will he do next if another child upsets him, do you want your children or grandchildren around this?

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