A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     From Massachusetts to Florida……..looks like it’s going to happen.   Gambling casinos and Slot Parlors…as a way to create jobs and add some “vig”….or revenue if you will, to the state treasury.    It’s not quite as close to happening in Florida at the moment, but in Massachusetts…..it’s all but a done-deal.     Apparently in spite of their better judgement, the Reps and Senators on Beacon Hill in Boston have voted to allow three casinos and one slot-joint in the Commonwealth.     When I say “against their better judgement” I’m referencing the lawmakers pushing it through when they say “it’s really too bad we’re being pushed to go in this direction but this is the only way we can create jobs and balance the budget.”     True!   As another lawmaker said….”we have no other ways to raise the needed revenue.”    Also true…because as you know, Taxachusettes has never met a tax it didn’t like, they’ve run out of taxes to create so what’s next?     Lets link-up with organized crime (and I mean even more organized than state government crime) and prey on the weaknesses of the electorate.   We can scatter three casinos around our tiny state, allow one huge slot parlor and we’ll get our taxpayers to do their smokin’ , drinkin’ and gamblin’ right here in the wonderful commonwealth….maybe one right in the center of Andover.  How ’bout one in Wellesley or Newton……how ’bout Dover or Sherborn.      Nah….maybe not there.    But we’ll make sure our people don’t have to go all the way to Rhode Island or Connecticut to totally blow their money, and they certainly won’t have to go to the American center for delusion and debauchery, Las Vegas to lose their shorts.    No Sir, we can take their money away from ’em right here.    And just to convince everyone this is on the up-and-up……we still won’t allow Happy Hours at any restaurants or bars in the state……but, we will allow the Casino scammers to serve free….yes FREE booze to anyone on the gaming floor…..(any cause and effect there do ya think) and again on the up-and-up….we won’t allow any Reps or Senators who voted for the casinos to go to work for the casino…for at least one year after they leave office.    Doesn’t that just make you fuzzy and warm all over?

     Just sign it Deval…maybe that tiny little town out in the Berkshires where you live would love some neon lights.  Whadda ya think?

     Hey Florida…..step right up……you’re next.


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