By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TVBy Kate Merrill

BOSTON (CBS) – Forget your wallet and grab your phone! Thousands of customers are now paying with Level Up at their favorite stores and restaurants. Level Up is a new high-tech loyalty program that helps customers save money.

Steve Marois, a big Level Up fan says, “It definitely makes spending money fun.” Fun because the first time you use Level Up at a participating business there’s an instant credit ranging from $2 – $20 just waiting for you. And each time you return you build up credit for a future visit.

Customers can sign up for Level Up for free. But you will have to pay using a QR code, not cash or your credit card. You can call up that QR code on any type of device like a smartphone or even a Kindle.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

“Paying with level up is really fast, really convenient. You can leave your wallet at home which is great,” says Seth Priebatsch, the 22 year-old founder and CEO of Level Up. And he credits Level Up with saving companies and customers time and money. “They save money when they try new places and they get rewarded by saving money when they go back to their favorites.”

Mike Conley of Sebastians in Cambridge says his company has been impressed with the program “our return rate is about 50% in a 30 day period which tells me that our loyalty program and incentive program are in fact working.”

But don’t compare Level Up to Groupon. “I only want to be compared to Groupon is there’s a big ‘not’ like Groupon somewhere in the sentence,” says Priebatsch with a smile. Instead of Groupon’s deep one-time discount, Level Up customers can keep track of their spending and see how close they are to unlocking their next store credit.

Almost 200 companies in the Boston-area have teamed up with Level Up. It’s mostly restaurants but you will find spas, florists, and retail shops on the list. Level Up has ambitious goals to reach 1,000 companies by spring.

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  1. Mark says:

    awesome! thanks for reporting. Just got the app and can’t wait to use it.

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