Drivers Face Moral Dilemma When Choosing To Park In “Green Spots”

NATICK (CBS) – One of the hassles of holiday shopping is finding a parking space.

Especially on Black Friday, a parking spot is gold, unless, it’s green?

On a recent trip to the Natick Mall, WBZ-TV’s David Wade came across a great spot that came with a catch and a moral dilemma.

And apparently, he’s not alone.

Malls are now putting prime spots right up front with signs saying reserved for “Low Emission Fuel Efficient Vehicles.”

WBZ-TV’s David Wade reports

But at the Natick Mall, most of the ten “green” spots were taken up by big SUV’s that averaged about 16 miles per gallon.

A Natick Mall spokeswoman told WBZ they, “expect parking in the ‘green spot’ parking spots to be on the honor system.”

What would you do? Share your responses in the comments section below.

  • Matt

    Unless it is a marked handicap spot I park there. I don’t care if it is a PRO spot at Home Depot. Or an expectant mother spot at babie-r-us or an infant spot at BJ’s or stop and shop. I don’t follow arbitrary or made up rules. And yes I have “taken” spots in Southie in the winter.

    • Leroyj

      Don’t cry when your SUV gets keyed then.

    • Mattsmom

      You are proud to make pregnant women walk further, what a loser. Your mom failed in raising you.

  • TIM H

    the mall aint crowded enough and now they are reserving “green” spaces?how effing ridiculous.i agree w matt,except for taking southie spaces.your just asking for trouble there but anything else is open game

  • Tom Kenny

    Of all places to play the hypocrite game. Malls, the Palace’s of gluttony and waste. I would park in a green spot without hesitation. These so called green cars may use less gas, but the process of making that green car is one of the most environmentally destructive. The minerals used in green technology are mined in China and other countries under the most dangerous and environmentally destructive measures imagined.

    • Elvis

      You are going to get keyed repibliCon loser!

      • donny


        This is ridiculous. Key my car and you’ll need surgery to get your keys back. Leave a note, confront the driver, use your civility skills. Keying a car?…Sorry. With cameras everywhere you might want to use your brain…

        Back to the issue:

        This is ridiculous pandering. Eventually the non-handicapped, non-pregnant, childless, non fuel-efficient retail customers will have to park a mile from the store if this practice continues.

        These green spots tell me one thing: the store/mall DOES NOT want my business.

        Happy Holiday$.

      • Elvis


  • UseSomeSense

    An SUV getting 16 MPG carrying 6 people will burn less fuel per person than a 40 MPG sub-compact carrying 2 people. In that case the SUV is the green vehicle.

    If the SUV is carrying 5 people it will tie the sub-compact with 2 on board.

    Instead of miles per gallon, fuel burned per person or per amount of cargo is a more valid measure. If I have to make two or three trips in a small car to carry cargo vs one in and SUV or take two cars instead of one for the number of passengers, the SUV will win hands down.

    • God

      That is true, but most SUVs I see commuting only have 1 person in them

  • Pat

    I’d park sideways across all 3 spaces and smile about it. I have the car I have because that’s what I can afford. You think I enjoy filling my tank? If these people who believe they are better than the rest of us because they can afford the environment saving hybrid, then they can further cut back on emissions and walk from the far end of the parking lot.

    • WhatatoolIamreplyingto

      I will block you in then and you can’t leave. You will cry and have to call the cops who will give you a ticket.

  • Corby

    This is one more reason not to pay mall prices and shop at the discount stores. Hello TJMaxx and Marshalls!

  • Work Truck Driver

    I will happily park in a green spot, and if I leave my truck there long enough the oil leaks will cover that green spot and make it a nice dark black spot like it should be…..

    • George Bush

      I will happily kick your butt for doing it!

  • JohnC

    IT sure makes a lot of sense to have someone in a gashog driving aimlessly around a parking lot, wasting gas, because he/she is not supposed to park in a “green” space. I’d park in one if I was driving a Mack Truck.
    I have seen “green” spaces in The People’s Democratic Republic of Cambridge as well.

  • JG

    I will park my H1 Hummer anywhere I damn well please (with the exception of a handicap space) Why should some sanctimonious A hole in a Prius get to have a special spot. If the mall dosent like it I’ll find someplace else to spend my hard earned money.

    • Hummersareforlosers

      Hummers are for little losers with short units. People laugh at you little man.

    • Whatatool

      Thanhks for being Bin Laden’s biatch and making America weeker you greedy little turd.

    • JohnC

      My favorite license plsate of all time was a NY plate on an H1 Hummer that read: 2 MPG

      • Hummersareforlosers

        My favorite was a Hummer that said “Upeons”, so I peed in his window

  • gigi

    is there is list of ‘green’ cars? is it only for a prius/electric deal or over 35 mpg gets you a spot?

  • jimpek

    The mall should make fat people park in the back so they can burn some extra calories on their way in.

  • FireGuyFrank

    Just another way we are being manipulated. Park wherever you can to do your shopping. It is a real stimulus to the economy to move cash through the system. So-called green cars are not really worth the extra money.

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