There seems to be no end in sight for the NBA lockout as the players shoot down the latest offer from the owners. The player union now plans to to decertify as the owners refuse to move.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe joined Toucher & Rich to discuss the latest news surrounding the lockout.

“I thought they would put the proposal to a vote. I did not think they would just shoot it down and go legal so quickly. I thought that they would try to preserve the opportunity to continue to negotiate,” Washburn said.

If someone other than David Stern was in charge could this deal have been done?

“Yeah, I think this thing was mishandled by Stern. I think he tried to come across as like this is a deal that you guys have got to take, this is fair. He tried to like use a hammer and hit these guys over the head with this proposal,” said Washburn.

With the union decertifying and legal action coming it could be months or maybe even a year before this is all resolved in the courts. How long until the fans just start to walk away?

“There’s already a high level of anger here and resentment. It’s a bad economy, these guys are millionaires fighting over millions and millions of dollars unable to split a $4 billion pot and then they’re saying they’re being disrespected,” Washburn said.

The guys then look at what the worst case and best case scenarios could be as things stand right now.

“Best case would be after a week two weeks the lawyers for each side say hey let’s try to settle this thing and they begin negotiating again and they try to salvage a season and perhaps start early January. Worst case scenario they don’t do that, they let the legal process handle itself. It takes months to decide some of these cases, the anti trust lawsuits and we just don’t have a season,” Washburn said.

Listen and find out when realistically Washburn sees this whole thing ending.


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