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His Name Is Professor Michael Avery…Suffolk U. Law

A Blog By Gary LaPierre

     Sorry I just couldn’t resist it.   My friend and colleague Jon Keller does a commentary and blog on the words of another lefty loony Law Professor and apparently it touched off quite a reaction….which is still going on, and I just couldn’t control my urge to join the fray.  The crux of the story is a member of the staff at Suffolk University was urging  donations for care packages to send to the men and women of the armed forces deployed in Afghanistan, including some for a Suffolk Law student who’s on duty there.

      It seems a professor at Suffolk didn’t like the idea, suggested it was not a thing to do at an academic institution…i.e. to show support “for those who go overseas to kill human beings.”   It’s pretty clear this academic lefty who resents anything law enforcement, particularly the military (interesting coming from a Law professor) went on to denounce the fact that Suffolk University also displays the American Flag in the university atrium.    He said the flag on display is “not politically neutral.”   Huh?

     Well Jon titled his piece “Education doesn’t always make you smart” and concluded in his piece….”for heaven’s sake (professor) have the decency to confine your snide foolishness to the faculty lounge where it belongs.”

     There was and is lots of reaction to the excellent Jon Keller commentary, but I noticed one thing terribly obvious by its absence….Jon never named the professor involved.     Well if you missed it at the top of this page… it is again at the bottom of this page.   He is Michael Avery, a Law Professor at Suffolk University…educated, among other places Yale and University of Moscow, U.S.S.R. and he’s a former attorney for the Civil Liberties Union.    Now I ain’t got a whole lot of book learnin’, surely not as much as Michael Avery, but now don’t that just say it all?


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