The Patriots are missing pieces on defense and after losing 2 games in a row many people said that this game against the Jets was a must win. Well the Patriots got it done with a final score of 37-16, thanks to Tom Brady’s 3 touchdown passes and great play by the defense.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin spoke with Toucher & Rich about the win over the Jets, Chad Ochocinco, the Patriots defense and a package Colvin sent to the guys.

Chad Ochocinco had 2 receptions for 65 yards in Sunday’s win, why was Colvin excited about this performance?

“I think what you have to be excited about is him getting an opportunity to play. He gets a chance to get out on the field and then he makes a play. He catches the ball for one, okay he steps out of bounds, he was excited,” Colvin said.

The defense looked great on Sunday and the pass rush was there this week. Is there any case for addition by subtraction now that Albert Haynesworth is gone?

“Well I think it simplifies things, you don’t have to worry about trying to please someone that is used to being out there on the field, you don’t have to babysit anybody anymore and it allows the guys that had been playing and now are playing to continue to get better and develop more of a chemistry with each other,” Colvin said.

Devin McCourty was suffered an injured right shoulder midway through the second quarter after he collided with teammate Sterling Moore. The guys discussed the defensive injuries and the guys the Patriots are putting out there on defense. How tough of a job is it going to be for Bill Belichick moving forward?

“He always has an answer for situations like this and we’ll see this will probably be one of the biggest challenges he’s had yet. I think the one thing you’ll see is he’ll try to work with what is consistent and that’s the defensive line,” said Colvin.

The guys finally received their package from Colvin on Friday. Listen and find out what happened to the package and where it is now.


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