By Lisa van der Pool, Boston Business Journal

BOSTON (CBS) – Sovereign Bank will reportedly announce Monday that it has approval to convert from a savings bank into a national bank.

That means that it can serve more types of clients, including large companies.

According to the Boston Globe, the conversion is expected to take place early next year.

Aeroshot Inhalers

A Cambridge company has a new way to wake up – inhale your caffeine.

It’s called Aeroshot Pure Energy.

It comes in an inhaler and delivers vitamin B, caffeine, and baking soda to give you a jolt and keep you awake.

The product hits shelves in a couple months, but it’s just gotten an $8.5 million investment from two local venture capital firms.

No to iPads

They were supposed to be the future of restaurants, but iPads haven’t really replaced paper menus at most Boston restaurants.

A lot of restaurants I talked to say they were thinking about it, but because of many reasons, they’ve decided against buying iPads.

Aside from the costs, restaurants were afraid customers would either break or steal them.

There is an exception though – ethnic restaurants with food people might not be familiar with.

IPads are a great way to show people what they’re ordering.

Watch Lisa’s report:

Lisa van der Pool of the Boston Business Journal can be seen weekdays at 6 a.m. on WBZ-TV.


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