BOSTON (CBS) –Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic said he was surprised to hear Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller has a concussion from Saturday night’s collision.

“I’ve looked at the hit 100 times because he said he got a concussion. I looked at it, and his shoulder hit my chest, so there was no hit to his head. His helmet came flying off, but his head didn’t hit the ice,” Lucic said from the Bruins practice facility on Monday. “It was obviously unfortunate to hear that he got hurt on the play.”

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Even more surprising to Lucic is the fact Miller stayed in the game after the first period hit, finishing out the frame and playing in the second period as well.

Protocol in the NHL calls for players to leave the ice and go to a “quiet room” if there are any signs of a head injury.

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“The main thing that they talked about is that there’s no such thing as getting your bell rung or seeing stars anymore,” Lucic said. “That’s considered a concussion, and if you’re in that position, you have to do whatever you can to take yourself out of play.”

Lucic had a hearing with NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan on Monday to discuss the hit.

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Comments (2)
  1. Denise says:

    Well he shouldn’t have been that far out to begin with! and you’re lucky he didn’t take your legs out when he swung that goalie stick around at you! So if he didn’t take himself out – how do you know that your hit was what gave him a concussion? But I suppose they can blame you anyways….

  2. says:

    When a goalie comeout thqat far, they should be considered FAIR GAME. Also, he should have the helmit strapped on. It was funny to see Monreal knock Buffalo’s goalie on his arse last night! Montreal guy got 2 minutes.

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