BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger and Massarotti in studio on Monday, and is confident he will not have to miss any time for his hit on Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller.

“I don’t think I’ll be getting suspended,” Lucic said, shortly after he spoke with NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan about the hit. “It’s not based on anything, that’s the way I feel on it. If I do, it’s something that is out of my control and I’ll respect the decision.”

Milan Lucic On Miller’s Injury 

In Saturday night’s 6-2 win over Buffalo, Lucic and Miller collided when going for a loose puck. Miller was out of his crease, and Lucic says he did everything he could to lessen the blow.

“I could not have avoided him. No, I couldn’t have. Even if you look at the replay, I straightened out my body to lessen the impact,” Lucic said. “I’m not the kind of player to go around running goalies.”

“Even though we made contact, we made a lot of contact, I braced myself to try to lessen the impact,” he said.

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Lucic also responded to Miller’s comments after the game, in which the netminder called him a “piece of [explitive]” and “gutless.”

Lucic On Miller’s Comments 

“He wanted to stick around and say what he said. I’m not the guy that talks trash in the media and stir things up,” said Lucic. “If I want to talk trash, I’ll do it on the ice so he can hear it directly.”

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Lucic expects to hear Shanahan’s decision at some point on Monday.

Listen to Milan Lucic with Felger and Mazz in it’s entirety, including his thoughts on his seaon so far… 

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  1. Doug Barber says:

    Sorry Milan, I’m from the NW and have followed you for a quite a while. I’ve always admired your tough playing style, with the ability to still be a force on offense. I don’t buy it that you did everything you could to avoid that check. You took advantage of the situation to hit a goalie. Lucky for you the other team didn’t respond like we did a few years back. Or, your would have had the lumber come up under your chin! You got away with it this time but remember, there is always someone bigger and tougher with a mean streak that will get you. I call it hockey kharma, I thought i was pretty tough until hockey kharma caught up with me and that’s why i have two crowns for front teeth!!

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