WESTFIELD (CBS) – Officials at Stanley Park in Westfield are mourning the death of “Ozzie” the duck.

The park posted on its website that their resident Muscovy Duck, Ozzie, was killed by a group of young teenagers at around 4:45 p.m. on Friday. The teens, between 12 and 16 years of age, reportedly stomped the duck to death.

“Ozzie came to Stanley Park a few years ago and has been a special member of our duck, geese & swan family ever since,” said Bob McKean, managing director, on the park’s website.

Anyone with information is asked to call the park or Westfield police.

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  1. thor's hammer says:

    this really sickens me. i bet the nimrods will no doubt use some social network to brag about their deed. well punks, payback and i hope it comes sooner rather than later will be enjoyable for us to watch. the parents will hopefully do the right thing and turn their not so little delinquents in. spare telling us that they’re good kids, because we know better. wish i still lived in new england, so i could go idiot hunting.since too many whiners would say don’t jail them, it was only a duck, let’s have the little “darlings” do rotations in boot camp of the armed forces. i’d especially love to hear them crying for their moms from parris island. even though the marines wouldn’t keep them – after all, they’re looking for a few “good” men. be afraid punks. to their community – first it’s cruelty to a harmless animal, what’s next. don’t trivialize their crime.

      1. gramps says:

        This is a travisty,

        Poor ‘Hannah’…


      2. gramps says:

        For as long as she lives little Hanna will never forget her friend ‘Ozzie’….So young to be needlessly introduced to ‘loss’, along with a chunk of her ‘innocence’….?…..

        Her Parents are left to pick up the pieces & listen to her ‘tears’…..Hopefully they will ‘always’ remind her of the good times she had with her feathered friend ‘OZ’.

      3. gramps says:

        ‘Ozzie’s’ legacy & justice….

        For starters, ‘NO’ drivers license till their 18!….You’ll hear their ‘eyeballs, ‘CLICK’, with this one!!


      4. gramps says:

        No ‘Cell phones’ or ‘Video Games’,1 year…&…. if found with either we then put ‘Mommy & Daddy’ in the slammer, each on alternating weekends for a month, while JR pulls ‘latrine’ duty @ the same facility.

        Have them work towards financing a proper ‘Memorial’ to ‘Ozzie’ & they must ‘apologize’ to ‘Hannah’ & the other friends of ‘Ozzie’ in person @ the dedication!

      5. gramps says:

        Can’t wait to hear from someone, that my punishment suggestions for these…

        ‘Teen Terroists’ are, ‘TOO’ harsh!

        “Tell that to ‘Little Hanna”


      6. Tsal says:

        I’d say your punishments are great maybe not harsh enough. I like some of the suggestions below as well. Id go to 21 for license I’ve had too many horses in my life to think of mucking stalls as a punishment but think it is a way to reflect and learn so good idea too

        Will have to think about why mom and dads punishment seems harsher than kids. By this time kids should be responsible for their own actions

    1. gramps says:

      Ozzie Fund: Donations can be made to:

      “Friends of Ozzie”
      c/o Stanley Park
      400 Western Avenue
      Westfield, MA 01085

  2. D Caf says:

    I hope someone drops a dime on these animal abusers.

  3. Kenneth says:

    Very, very, very sad. There is no excuse or explination to treat an animal this way. Whoever killed this innocent duck needs to be stomped to death as well!!!

  4. thor's hammer says:

    do the right thing good people of westfield. drop the dime on the punks. the next stop on their paths is burglary, assault & battery, dwi. hannah there are good people out there who will do the honorable thing. as thanksgiving approaches, let us put the punks on the town green in stocks & pillory, with signs around their necks identifying their crime. then we can really get down to their punishments after that. parents, would you want these losers dating your daughters knowing what they’ve done? drop a dime

  5. thor's hammer says:

    gramps – how about we combine your punishment with mine, for starters. i think it’s still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy on them. we cannot, however have community service include working in a veterinarian’s office. mucking manure in barns, cleaning out chicken coops for at least a year, after doing some jail time might work. hannah, you help decide.

    1. gramps says:

      Evening thor’s hammer’,

      By the time their old enough they’ll be ‘FELONS’ & Unkle Sam won’t touch them!

      The barns & chicken coop idea will work very nicely, as a ‘stocking stuffer’!


  6. Garrett says:

    I think that they should be sent to justice for the heinous crime they commiited. And they should be KILLED OR STOMPED TO DEATH JUST LIKE THEY DESERVE. THEY SHOULD BE STABBED AND ARRESTED JUST LIKE THEY DESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nosgood4me says:

    This is why i never liked zoo;s or circuses when i was a young i saw the clip of “TOPSY” the elephant.. later a school field trip to a local zoo. where punk kids spat at the chimps … i never was a fan of primates but even then it saddened me .Animals did not ask to be entertainment for humans. the animals did not choose to be fenced in and caged.. after the Ohio tragedy i am more firm in my belief to end all animal captivity zoo’s and circuses. F-ing kids…

  8. Swim69 says:

    I am heartbroken and sickened by this story…. What is happening to our youth?? This story is realy sad… What a bunch of punky, loser, unfeeling, jerky kids – and that’s being nice!!!!! And, as we all know, the killing of animals often indicates a more deeper seeded issue and can lead to more violence. I hope hope hope they catch these pathetic excuses of human beings…. I’m disgusted.

  9. Chuck says:

    This is a terrible story. Hope the community steps forward and brings these kids out in public to face the humiliation that is due. Time for the community to act.

  10. emom says:

    I say let every goose, swan , duck and other water fowl PECK out their cold hearted eyeballs, Dig into their ears so they no longer will hear the beautiful sounds of these birds, and Bit the lips so they can not cry out in pain and or help ,, Let them feel the pain they inflicted onto a poor defenseless creature and feel the torment bestowed upon them. Then let them wander for the raid that leads them nowhere.
    Animals like these ( teens) need only to feel the same kind of pain, Jail is far to good for them since they would only be out in a few short months , plus they would be given 3 meals a day a roof over their head a place to sleep and a blanket and pillow,, NO I say let the creatures they tortured do away with them feel their anguish their pain, their loss then put them in front of the children which will cast them away and give them harsh words for what they have done.
    YES this is harsh But just to those that are cowards and brutal, Next they will hurt a person. then were is the justice .

  11. Tsal says:

    Hmm. Anyone heard of Violence begets violence a couple of the comments are about as violent as the act itself.

    1. Marie says:

      Hmm…good point, Tsal. = /

      1. Nosgood4me says:

        @Tsal..Its easy to quot eloquent clever phrases that do nothing to mend the hurting heart of victims of people who care for loved lossed . person or animal.

        These kids took away the owners as well as visiting children rights of happiness away from them. not to say in the least an animal ment to be “protected” and loved… by violent cowardly thugs.

        There may come a day when victims have had enough and people want to right a wrong. because we know full well our courts have and will fail the victim.

        In today’s world its getting very easy to side with revenge when we have no justice.

  12. emom says:

    When an animal has brutally hurt, maimed or even killed a human. That animal is thus put down, When a human hurts, maimes or kills a human, they can be put to death.
    Should we allow a person to commit such a crime of brutality to live out there life in luxury , enjoy such wealth of food housing and clothing , all the while they truly do not learn how horrible of a person they are for their actions they have committed.
    Three strikes rule should be used in this situation. However I truly do not believe these people would even care what the punishment is to be,, since they have hate and malice along with contempt and therefore have no mercy for life.
    Should such an animal be allowed to go on with no shame of what the have done. Or be allowed to live in peace and pain free , there victim has had no chance . Animals that are viscous should be caged, and treated as such ,,,, show no mercy for those who show no mercy to their victims. No matter how small they are. Even if they bear feathers and a beak

  13. Marie says:

    As if there aren’t enough reasons to hate teenagers already.

  14. DAN says:


  15. DAN says:


    1. gramps says:

      Not really!…..

      Poor ‘Ozzie’ was ‘brutally stomped’ to death…..aka…..’PRESSED DUCK!


  16. REALIST says:

    Send them to summer camp at Pennophile state!!! A few nights of bear hugs with the coach will set them straight. Maybe not!! lol. They need to be publically punished for their misdeads. Lets stop protecting the identiy of the youth. Lets bring back the stockades and publicly humilate them. Japan has the right idea with caning. They have litte if any crimes of this type in Japan

  17. WSpringfield says:

    TSAL comments are misquided. Most violent offenders such as Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Hitler all came from non-violent upbringings. So your theory that violents begets violence is a bit too liberal. Stop confusing Violence with discipline. Children need discipline. We do not provide enough of that these days. The more liberal our country has become the weeker we have and will become. Its time to raise men and women not spoiled brats that stand out in front of city halls demanding free handouts.

    1. Nosgood4me says:

      People like that care little of the feelings of others and apparently the rights of animals . The fact the very place was a place of sanctuary , tells me that no animal has a right to live its life without human interference .

      When we can’t protect children from child raping coaches or clergy …. and “Men” too cowardly to aid to the child’s rescue. We allow our elected to have the lawless run the streets drunks running down killing people and hurting an 11 year old girl.. our elected acting criminally and doing criminal acts themselves. AND where a good majority of people feel they have no problem of our elected taking pictures of their schnuts and making them out to be a form of greeting.

      I hold no hope for any justice for a duck . none cares a fig about people. No one will care for animals . and if this guy quips proverbs and sayings about the reactions of people who are in anger. it just shows who has more compassion, whether its in a form of frustration pointed at evil black hearted individuals.

      The real fact,, maybe one day for some unlucky stiff.. a person never really grasps the idea for a every action there is a reaction and one day they could make the most ultimate of mistake’s and have the tar beat out of them.

      Tsal is capable of long discourse apt writing skills but lacks commonsense in important things and maybe lacking to be sympathetic and for the rights of others or animals , morals as well as compassion perhaps. again violence may beget violence .but lawlessness and lack of morality is violence as well .. i guess it what you rather have .. a vengeful judge and jury . or evil run a muc. if they kill a duck in this fashion what would these kids do too any of (your kids) if left alone with these creeps… with NO economy joblessness and Homelessness then we are sure to see some really awful things if this country doesn’t turn around for the good .

      1. Tsalll says:

        I don’t support pecking the eyes of these kids out and stomping them to death and in once instance sentencing them to death and you think I lack compassion. You are kidding right?

      2. Tsalll says:

        You might note I didn’t think gramps suggestions were severe enough. Although perhaps you do support the violent suggestions. Violence is of course becoming a first reaction to many in our society e.g. Road rage and bullying.

  18. minercat says:

    Lord, please deliver swift justice to the purely evil individuals responsible for this. May your innocent and beautiful creature rest peacefully by your side.

  19. Nosgood4me says:

    @Tsal: Another one….. first the word Bullying is not in my vocabulary (.)
    The word “Bully” is a word for people that deny what happens to children on a continual basis. children are Assaulted .either verbal attacks or assault and battery and any moron who will continue to use that word is a ( reality escapist ).. and is no advocate for children’s rights. again if punishments deserve to be softened for even the cruelest of actions serves society not.

    Nothing is learned. Fact is i whole hartley agree with most of the peoples premise that if a child go’s un corrected by clubbing defenseless animals and you find good cause sentencing ,,my god teach you by having one of these fine individuals date or marry a family member close to you…. Dare say you would change your tune.

    i find even a persons who does this to an animal is almost NON REDEEMABLE and lacks human compassion A DANGER. he is ill…and its a pity that state institutions are no longer open.. (with historically a very good reason for it ) but still a shame as we need such warehouse’s for “human” refuse.

    1. emom says:

      NoGood4Me, Precise and to the point, We are a society of leinet and way to forgiving of human animals. Those that hurt a defenseless animal to feel powerful and just, will at some point hurt, Mame and kill a human,
      Thus the case that just broke of a triple murder, A human that brutally stole the life of three caring humans to be snuffed out by a cold viscous in human animal that resorts to such a brutal act, Life for such evil doers is far to good for him as well as is the coward human animal that stomped the life out of a defenseless duck beloved by all.
      I agree that having a warehouse of vile humans that at some time will gain entrance to the free world to only be so pent up with vindictiveness that at some point they could re abuse and commit murder, At that point we allow the to victimize once again and then the victims will feel helpless and afraid because no justice will console them.
      Tell the victims oh well live with it. I find that brand of justice to heartless and cold., inhuman animals need to be dealt with we need harsher punishments or we will need the cells to protect our lives from the evil doers running amok in this world .

      1. tsallllll says:

        I don’t think anyone here has said to tell the victims to live with it, emom.

        I can’t believe I’m even responding to the call to stone the kids and let the remaining ducks poke out their eyes. Good grief

      2. Nosgood4me says:

        Emom, I am simply tired of seeing victims get victimised by our courts. and just as angry when i see innocent animals become the punching bag of mans woe’s at every turn animals bear the brunts of our emotions ..either by attitudes of selflessness of letting domesticated animals out doors to be picked off by automobiles, foxes, coyotes and well fed hawks.

        Animal abandonment’s during times when people loose their homes.Or
        people who have no business in keeping captive wild exotic animals and cannot control the outcome.

        I keep saying over and over when it comes to man and animal the animal will ALWAYS loose.

        I am more of an advocate for animals and their rights than man . A man (supposedly) can reason , Animals do not. and i have looked at the way this decade has basically declared war on wildlife more than any other time… in my belief or that i have seen. and i see such a disdain for animals and their rights . by disturbing “protected ” hawks for the benefit of man. and poison programs from federal biologists on Wellfleet singleling out one “predator” (wrongly )

        And yet we want to treat sick individuals with mercy and kind gloves ? for killing……

        Its bad enough when some people remark in forums as such do not , will not , or cannot grasp that people are tired of the kid glove treatment that doe’s not work , except give a warped medical induced credence (excuses) of a anti social behaviour or killer wanna be’s for these individuals by the “medical establishment” medical based excuses for bad or criminal behaviour…. is what it is. and again makes victims out of victims and the guilty un punished.

        So the rest of us watch the abhorrent behaviours go un punished and in some cases glorified by meat headed individuals

        Emom at one time we had disagreed , but i think we found common ground here. i guess we both can agree that IS far worse to show how cool it is to be a human without compassion , soul , heart , morals and pride. than the home growers story we disagreed on ….well,,, to a point. this is a different type of killing one that shows real hatred for something so innocent and could not defend its self … But again for most of you its just a duck right…..

  20. Ron says:

    We are condemning these “Teenagers” for committing an act of violence yet some of us are suggesting violent acts in retaliation. Isn’t there enough violence in the world
    already? I think a hard labor community service project is more appropriate. After all are we not trying to teach them violent acts are wrong?

    1. Nosgood4me says:

      Some people think in this country hard labor is a human rights violation. as well shaming a person into being remorseful… when we have people that walk around in our society by just their appearance by what they do to themselves should be reason enough to learn shame. But to these people its “expression” in the eyes of clear thinking normal people is self abuse.. The point is No one today knows the concept of either shame or embarrassment. there for will never know what really being truly remorseful is. Now that we as a society feel the need to not punish a crime that equals the offense .. then rightly so people will say “its just a duck” and there just being kids..

  21. emom says:

    So where does the act of violence end. A child plucks the wings of a beautiful butterfly then smashes it. A child is in the woods and uses a slingshot to hit squirrels, then they use larger stones and kills them. Later they set fire to a small pile of sticks, later they start a larger fire, a young child of 13 molested his sister, then later rapes. Later looking for more of a thrill they stomp a duck and kills it, What will happen later, Murder, then what where does the violence end. I ask If it was handled in the beginning and dealt with in a proper manner, would it escalate to a more violent manner. would it have stopped when it was first seen.
    I wonder, After hearing the triple murder today I highly doubt it. We are a passive country giving criminals more chances at life and freedom than those that want safety from such brutes.
    What I say is harsh, if this was another country we all know that is exactly what would have been done. Is it right,, I wonder, Is murder right, should they be allowed to gain freedom on a technicality and then commit such a crime again this time to a person;
    Harsh as it is we all know that our justice system is far to forgiving, But the victims are not as forgiving for they have nothing to forgive. They have lost something precious and there is no forgiving for such brutality.

    1. Nosgood4me says:

      Ill go along with that.. well said

      1. emom says:

        Nosgood4m4e, THANK YOU,, I too am tired of the innocent continuing to be victims. While those that walk amongst us skates thru life with not even being punished. Like I said it starts with the wings , till they thirst for blood, Something has to be done and at this level is it still to late. I am also tired of hearing they have reformed, I highly doubt any criminal ever reforms, we see and hear that they play the law tell them what they want to hear and then get out and do it once again. I believe this is partially why they want to change the law I say never let them walk amongst the victims again. they will never reform.
        I believe once they find these kids they will have some broke home they live in and they live in poverty. or they have been a victim themselves something will play a roll in why they committed such a hate crime. And to a bird no less,
        If it was a child that also could not defend themselves would they be so forgiving and look for reforming these punks.

  22. Tsal last says:

    Nots good. Let me tell you a story since you have decided based on my comments or better what you wanted my comments to say that you know me. I mentioned mucking stalls above. That’s because I have been involved with horses in the horse show world. My child was ostracized by her trainer and every single one of her friends because she fought the abuse that is rampant in that world. I have never been so proud of anyone when I watched her stand up at a very young age to what she knew was cruel and unacceptable. Perhaps you might get off your pedestal long enough to know you are not the trial and jury. Then read Ron’s comment below. And Ron I absolutely agree but dont say violence begets violence because you’ll be accused of all sorts of things.

    1. last tsal says:

      by the way notsogood – that’s what you call bullying – thought you might need an example because clearly it wasn’t denied – another grand assumption on your part

      sorry for the many names – apparently to post you need to be creative unless you want your posts to disappear

      1. Nosgood4me says:

        There is no such word (Bulliying)

    2. Nosgood4me says:

      Well right off the bat.. i would consider “mucking” derogatory remark .. if i had horses i would rather say…. I tend to my horses. you make that sound like cleaning or caring for your horses as work rather than love for your animals. Hey i am no means on any pedestal when it come to advocating for the real silent majority ( animals )..the daily abuses of animals . and i never advocated violence to any child <<<But i did say i understood the heated reaction many clear thinking people think when story's like this happen.

      and all to many times good people and animals get rearended by arm chair jockey crack writers such as yourself who can't see that the system broke and people like you are enablers. give the kid a cup cake .. let dadims kiss it make it feel better.. you people deserve SH%@ like this when it happens . but un fortunately it happens to good people and innocent animals .. Get off the pedestal ! there is many things that are wrong with this country . and that is the unwillingness to correct bad behaviour that make more desirable to people knowing there IS NO CONSEQUENCES .. forget the idea an animal was mashed under foot for amusement.

      Fact is people like you sugar coat actions such as these .. i would love to have you sit down with that little girl from the above movie clip and listen to you give your philosophy's of life as to why she cant enjoy feeding or being kind to an animal … those kids robbed her of that childs innoscene as well as killed a living thing just for fun . that would really go over well… I had a farm too.. might not been horses, but my rabbits were respected and each cared for properly don't think i considered cleaning and caring .."Mucking".

      1. tsal the end says:

        You are a pompous and judgmental person aren’t you. First mucking is anything but derogatory and the fact you say it is degrades all of those who spend hours mucking their horses stall every single day – often twi times a day – because they love the horses and it is all part of the time spent with them and for them. I have never felt more peace than when I spent time with horses and that includes MUCKING their stall so they have a clean bed of shavings to lie in at night.

        You are simply on your own bandwagon today (maybe all days) and I think I’ll leave you there – reminding you that although you seem to want to say that I didn’t think these kids need punishing that I did – at the start – and you really need to learn to read.

        I’ll simply say that the methods you endorse such as having eyes pecked out and taking a childs life as punishment are a bit twisted to say the very least. Keep up the “good” thoughts but please do not champion any of the animals I have cared for – they deserve better.

  23. Nosgood4me says:

    People have lost control of basic rights in our country . and we are showing the fruits of complacency.

  24. Ron says:

    Thanks tsal I think it is time we all start taking responsibility for our actions and stop making excuses for bad behavior

    1. tsal last says:

      absolutely Ron – these kids need to have severe – not violent – punishment. I did like a lot of Gramps suggestions and if they are in fact 12 years old the parents need checking on also.

  25. Nosgood4me says:

    Tsal ..your a tool and a complete cretan.

    1. Tsalllll says:

      From you that’s a compliment. Thank you

      1. Nosgood4me says:

        your most welcome.

    2. The Batman says:


      I think we would all be better served if you could simply make your point and leave out the name calling and personal attacks unless the only way you can feel good about yourself is to try to make others seem smaller and less human.

      1. Nosgood4me says:

        Batman ? what name calling… its Tsal how is that a name… computer. dopes. keep stroking ego’s that aren’t worth it. Batman shut up . find some tune to cry with your balding BMW driving no nutters..
        You guys make light of a serious nature.. you are all nit wits a person would realise that stomping the Schit of a defenseless animal make big men of you.. bet you your the type that will go out to a golf coarse and club the geese. because your game cuxs. he men go watch a pats game. and sob.
        any better ?

      2. The Batman says:

        I think you just proved my point.

      3. The Batman says:

        …and I believe that referring to someone as a “tool” and a “cretin” (correct spelling) would come under the heading of name calling

  26. Nosgood4me says:

    I love how a serious matter is treated as insignificant over a little hurt feelings .yeah forget for a moment what kids are up to killing animals to be cool.. forget for a moment it was a place for people to enjoy animals and kids can go and enjoy them as well .but no sorry honey.. can’t feed your favorite duck today . kids with bigger issues need to prove they can kill for fun and repercussions for it ,,,well there arn’t any … just learn to hurt and hate and kill . and “name calling” learn name calling trumps the seriousness of killing animals… yep makes sense… it makes sense for the state i live in full of warped people .

    1. The Batman says:

      In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t even posted my opinion on these lowlifes actions. I was simply asking for a little respect for others on the blog. I would hope that something that simple is not beyond your capability.

  27. Tsal again says:

    Nosogood my son knows that duck. It is not insignificant. He and others are devastated. This discussion with you started when I said the eyes of those kids should not be poked out and the kids should not be stomped to death. Do you honestly think that is what should happen because I can tell you no one I know who knows the duck would agree. There should be severe punishment but not brutal. No one has ever said here there should not be punishment. If you honestly feel those kids should be put to death than I’ll back put of this conversation right now otherwise maybe you might go back and read comments and understand you may have misread initially. You are now in total attack ode and I have no idea why.

    One question. Do you feel those kids should be put to death or permanent,y maimed?

    1. gramps says:

      So now your son knows the duck!?!??

      You’re some ware between ‘Forest Gump & Sybil’!


      You might want to check your pants, I think they’re on fire…..

      1. Tsalllll says:

        Gramps son is Westfield state grad. I’ve said that many other times on these blogs. His best friend lives behind the park. Might want tom crawl off of your pedestal sling with nots good

    2. Nosgood4me says:

      My only other point Tsal… is, you as an adult how can bring this up to a child ? do parents now have to tell a four or six year old’s about some people just are rotten ? and why should we… Thank god i made the choice that i did not want children for many reasons

      Something like this would break my heart to tell my kids if they loved and appreciated the time i took to take them to a place to enjoy wildlife and learn to respect and appreciate Gods great gifts. to tell them they are gone .

      and yet when the first stepping stones of cruel behavior pulling wings off butterfly’s to Kicking in the face of a Barn owl mascot in a soccer game.. or heaven forbid moves on to killing people instead I take it serious. and there is no other way to convey this.
      Of course the Answer is no . their eye’s should not be poked out or what ever and No they should not be put to death. But you can’t tell me the if caught / convicted .. they will not truly be remorseful or be repentant,, till they have a bit of freedom taken away from them and some real reconstructive humanity is instilled back in them.
      Face it adults don’t get that and nether do the kids who commit abhorrent crimes.. this is a crime ,, i feel it is. and these kids need real serious help. and the way i see it all of you who have children have lost control of your parental rights and those that are not blessed with great kids .. these rotten kids that know the system and work it to their advantage. because people have got soft.

      do i feel i over blown this ..almost not enough. and id like to go on more and more about it . but yes i spent more time on this than one should .. but like i said for such a “green” new era ,,there is war against wildlife and i dont know why.and i dont know why people take anger and hate out on the animals.

      1. Nosgood4me says:

        im goin to bed.

      2. tsal also says:

        Nosogood. A parent can bring this up to a child. It is done with love and understanding and tenderness. And a huge dose of compassion. It’s a life lesson as difficult as it might be. Adults do get it – but I’m sorry the adults in your life didn’t seem to. You didn’t overblow the incident – it is horrific. What you did is attack the wrong people. Everyone here said they support strong punishment. You deliberately attacked me when I said the punishment should be severe but having ducks poke out eyes and stomp the children who did this was wrong. That would be what I could never explain to a child………..answering violence with violence.

        If you want to talk, perhaps it would be good to do so without insulting people. Everyone here has a valid opinion – you do as well. Insults simply negate the value of anyone’s opinion.

        I hope you slept well and we can all start a fresh new day.

  28. emom says:

    I wonder If animals had their own justice system, If they had a way of a punishment to those that have hurt maimed and killed them would they not want justice of some sort. I agree our society is far too soft when it comes to punishments, we allow a young child to pull the wings of a butterfly why because its fun, then they hurl rocks at squirrels, then there is the level of torture of a small animal dog , cat or other kind. Then they resort to bullying of their sibling, then other children as they get older, IN the mean time alcohol and or drugs come into their lives, But no one notices. they just believe they are expressing themselves. How long do we allow such behaviors to go unpunished. When do we start to realize its not NORMAL for such behaviors, When will a parent sit and talk with them about the consciences of such wrong behaviors. We then allow them at a young age to watch rated R movies because we say its nothing they haven’t heard or seen before, I am not talking about 14 year old’s oh no 9-13 year old. We hear about it an ask WHY, WHERE was their parents , DIDNT they see or hear anything, WHERE they even around to notice.
    I have to wonder, I might be strict with my child, BUT my child is a good kid , I know what my child is doing and where. and we discuss these very topics when we hear about it. My kid is sick over the acts of cowards .
    But I wonder when will we as parents or even a society say enough is enough, when will we stop candy coating such behaviors and realize they get away with such harsh actions. We are far to limp when it comes to dishing out a punishment, We do not want to hurt them psychologically , because it would scar them for life. I say they are already scarred for life, committing such acts of brutality is by far not normal behavior. For many of these acts will lead to a far worst event in their young life. And the news in the last 2 days has been proof to that. Young man murders 3 and has had a troubled past, teen runs down two people, one can only wonder that story , 2 young lives taken by a gun , Wonder if it will be some gang thing,
    We are to sweet to young criminals, they know it and they expect nothing less, and know they will get off because they will use the I AM SORRY and then the flood gates of crocodile tears will begin, They know they will get no punishment so don’t we. these teens will walk with a community service, something harsher needs to be given, Community service will not teach them that what they have done is wrong,
    If hurting them like they do to others is to harsh , What about when a human murders 3 people ,, what should we do then, lock them up to only be able to get out on probation and once again hurt or kill again. Its the same as a drunk driver, isn’t 2 to many or is 15 more than enough
    The justice system is full of cotton candy folks, full of air and no back bone,, just a paper cone for a core.

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