BOSTON (CBS) – Multiple reports say Jonathan Papelbon has agreed to a 4-year 50 million dollar deal to close for the Philadelphia Phillies.

It’s would be the largest contract ever given to a relief pitcher.

“We haven’t made an offer to this point,” said Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington. “What we’d be willing to do at this point in the offseason given what our other needs are, and given what we feel the alternatives are, is not something that matched up with what Pap was looking for, because of that we never made a formal offer.”

Papelbon is the Red Sox all time saves leader and played a huge role when they won the World Series in 2007.

Nothing is official until Papelbon takes his physical, which ESPN reports will happen next week.

Listen to the interview with Cherington

Cherington says he knew there would be high demand for the closer.

“Pap has worked extremely hard to put himself in a position to go into free agency coming off a really successful season, and we knew that he was going to be in demand.”

Cherington says he wouldn’t be surprised if Papelbon didn’t call them back.

“I don’t think he owes a phone call back, ” he says. “We weren’t going to be able to bridge that gap at this point in the offseason, we wanted to leave the door open if we got deeper in the offseason”

Will Cherington miss Papelbon?

“I would be disappointed in the sense that I have great admiration for Pap, I would love to have him on the team still, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the reports were true.”

Cherington says there are many options for the Red Sox closer role.

“I do believe we have a couple of internal options to close,” said Cherington. “Because we feel like there are alternatives both internal and perhaps external as well, it’s a bountiful closer market relative to some years, I just think we felt that right now the focus was going to be on other areas of the team.”

Cherington said Daniel Bard is ready to step up.

“Daniel would embrace more responsibility and is ready for more responsibility, we’re not ready to commit to any role for Daniel or any other member of the bullpen.”

Comments (10)
  1. Tim Hogan says:

    good for him .he saw the way the team treated terry francona.he probably couldnt wait to get out of that madhouse

  2. dave game says:

    My name is Game baby. Dave Game. I’m the CEO of CBS Miami. Come down to South Beach this weekend for our Marxist Tent Party Event. VIVA FIDEL BABY.

  3. bill Pratti says:

    Will Sh-thead Henry is at it again , not signing quality ballplayers again Florida Marlins all over again , Next will be Crawford , to the Cubs ,Henry will distroy the sox as he did the Marlins get rid of Henry ,he is no good for baseball , oh by the way the sox are not going up on there ticket prices , and I can understand why , they are getting rid of everyone , CAN WE TRADE HENRY

    1. JohnC says:

      Uhhh… Wasn’t it “Sh-thead” Henery that got us the only two championships in most of our lifetimes?

  4. JohnC says:

    No way the Sox could pay Jon P that kind of money. Fenway ticket prices are nuts as they are. Thanks mfor the memories, Jon.

  5. NikW says:

    Sorry but I am glad to see him go. His ego is rediculous! Bard can do the job!

  6. JB says:

    Bard can do the job? His career ERA on the road is a full 2.25 runs HIGHER than at home…. that kind of disparity doesn’t instill a lot of confidence that he can “do the job.”

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