The Patriots have lost 2 in a row and now the prepare to head into enemy territory on Sunday night to battle the New York Jets. The Jets have been playing their best ball of the season, can the Patriots walk away with a win this Sunday?

WFAN’s Joe Benigno joined Toucher & Rich to talk about the second meeting of these 2 teams this season and Mark Sanchez’s performance this season.

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“The Patriots right now have a lot of issues, lets be honest about it, the defense isn’t very good, we all know about the secondary. You guys got rid of Albert Haynesworth this week, so that didn’t work out. Offensively you guys still got one of the great quarterbacks of all time, but this is not your father’s Patriots team,” Benigno said.

They went on to discuss the lack of noise coming out of the Jets before this game. Why does Benigno think that they have been so quiet?

Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burres has missed practices this week, is there a chance that he might not play Sunday?

“I think Plaxico will play. I mean he didn’t practice too much last week either and I know he had the 3 touchdown game against San Deigo, but I think he had his best game as a Jets last week against Buffalo,” said Benigno.

The went on to discuss how Mark Sanchez’s number have been getting better from season to season, but how much confidence do fans have in him for the long haul considering how up and down he can be?

“One thing I say about this kid is that he’s tough as nails. He gets better as the game goes on , with the game on the line I like my chances with Sanchez and here’s the bottom line, he wins,” Benigno said.

Also listen for a surprise appearance by Scott Zolak during the interview after he didn’t like what he heard from Benigno.


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