BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a debate that’s sure to play a major role in the race for U.S. Senate.

Elizabeth Warren met with a group of Lynn businessmen and women on Wednesday, and among their concerns was the economic burden of the huge federal budget deficit.

So, as Washington struggles to come up with a plan…is Warren in sync with the state’s top Democrat in Washington on what to do about it?

Watch Keller @ Large:

Organized labor groups sent a warning to Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown as Washington eyes funding changes to medicare, medicaid and social security.

Kerry, one of six Democrats on the so-called super-committee charged with finding a way out of our budget mess, has said those entitlements must be on the table for possible cuts.

At the business luncheon, Warren made it clear she does not agree with Kerry.

“This is a question of values. We don’t start talking about repairing this country by saying we’re going to make those who are most vulnerable, making our seniors, making our working people take the biggest hit,” said Warren. “It’s not where the conversation is supposed to start.”

“I want to see us moving on that jobs bill, version 1, version 2 and version 3 that have been proposed over the last month, to put people back to work here in the Commonwealth, to prevent layoffs of teachers, firefighters and police officers,” Warren continued. “That’s what I want to see here.”

Sen. Brown has supported some elements of the president’s jobs bill, but voted against a plan to spend more on public employees.

So, while Warren’s position sets up a clear contrast with Brown, it also pits her, for now at least, against Kerry as well.

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  1. mikey says:

    This country is broke, massive cuts in government spending are coming regardless of what Elizabeth Warren has to say.

    I think she is kissing up to the teacher, police and firefighter unions looking for their votes by backing Obama’s proposed jobs(stimulus)bill. Another stimulus package which won’t. A temporary fix at best. Rock-bottom here we come.

    1. Tsal says:

      Mikey police have not been hiring for years. Can’t speak to teachers and firefighters except I know my son in law just decided not to pursue a teaching job since they are limited. Could it be Warren is interested in creating jobs where they are needed.

      1. mikey says:

        More stimulus money for the public sector will insure that a vast majority of these workers won’t be laid off. Warren is trolling for votes, just like all other politicians who are running for office.

      2. tsal1 says:

        mikey why would we want more people to be laid off? Those agencies are short staffed to begin with. I really don’t think that ensuring that they do not lose their jobs is posturing. I think it’s good sense.

      3. mikey says:

        But as a self-employed member of the private sector no cares if I go broke or out of business due to our country’s imploding economy. I’m tired of being “creamed” as Tony Schinella has put it in some of his writings. I’m tired of just getting by while a lot of public sector workers are flying by thanks to the unions representing them having a choke-hold on the wallets of taxpayers.

        Stimulus? What stimulus.

      4. tsal says:

        Interesting comment, mikey. I am also a self-employed member of the private sector. I’ll have to think about it for a bit. I’m still inclined to believe that if the union says something is the right thing to do – when it actually is the right thing – that we can’t negate it simply because the union supports it. Does that makes sense? Far too early and I’m still counting those days from the other blog :)

        I know of a instances where there is forced OT – to the extent of at least one shift per week – for those in law enforcement because there is no hiring. If more are laid off I can’t even imagine what the end result will be.

    2. Tom Sullivan says:

      No Question the Democrats don’t get it, Small Business is the Golden Goose it generates 90% of the jobs and the tax $ that pays for everythin. For years Government has been trying to kill the golden goose and its on life support. Your not going to turn this economy around by giving out a lot of public sector jobs and ignoring the golden goose. She gives poor excuses for her strategy of contuing the extermination of the goose and Keller does not hold her feet to the fire.

  2. massman says:

    Ms. Warren couldn’t be more right on this issue. Raising revenue through tax increases on the wealthy, and closing tax loopholes for corporations should be the “super committee’s” main focus. If Ms. Warren is at odds with anyone, it is because they are not looking out for the best interest of the working and middle class.

  3. Tsal says:

    No surprise that I agree with massman. I was disgusted when kerry said the programs we as seniors paid for would have cuts. As far as being in sync, it’s the GOP that seems to clone all of it’s politicians. Warren has from the start spoken out in favor of the average person against those she does not agree with regardless of party affiliation

  4. emom says:

    Ok just saw a report on one of the morning news shows, and the president just said he is cutting frivolous spending of free gifts, like mugs, hats, teddy bears, also cutting washington’s spending in the way of paper smart phones and car privileges and so on… OK can you say smoke and mirrors,,, we see, and they want to cut public service even more…. What ate they even thinking.

    1. mikey says:

      Obama should lead by example by parking his taxpayer provided Boeing 747 and not flying around the world in it, campaigning, as if he were riding in a golfcart.

      1. petem says:

        seriously? you would ask the president of a country that has lost too many presidents to take commercial flights? can you comprehend how that makes no sense? It is not a ‘taxpayer provided Boeing 747’ it is the necessary requirement for the world we live in.
        how about we make up some of the shortfall in revenue by raising taxes on the wealthy? we could just go to Clinton era levels, remember how great things to were going back then? by the way it would amount to a 3-4% increase for those making over 250K, and only on the income over 250K. they have enjoyed this for over 10 years now; time for it to end.
        we should also increase the cap on Soc Sec earnings to tax folks past the 106K that is the top now.

      2. tsal says:

        Petem – agreed on all counts. I’d rather see us go back to pre-Trickle Down Reagan standards but Clinton would be a start.

      3. mikey says:

        His Boeing 747 should be used for official business only – not for what seems to be an endless campaign tour. When the Obama family vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard this past summer our president arrived aboard Air Force 1 and his wife and children arrived in another jet – WHY?

      4. tsal1 says:

        mikey for some reason it is the call of the right that when Obama even opens his mouth now he is campaigning. I’m not sure if the people saying this understand we do have problems that need addressing between now and the election – well, I’m sure they don’t since they are willing to sit on their collective hands for another year – but the President of the United States does have to leave his office. As far as the two planes, I don’t know who paid but if taxpayers did there is no excuse.

        Odd that no one had problems with Jr.s vacations or the fact that both dad and jr headed for a week vacation immediately after sending troops to Iraq. Doesn’t make one right the other wrong – just an observation.

  5. emom says:

    I agree, the amount of constant waste in Washington is astronomical. And the report stated it was funded by tax payers money,,, Ah GEE what a surprise..As a taxpayer we see it all the time, these politicians are taking advantage of the American people for their own monetary gains. driving around in luxury elite cars, Or they have drivers, WHY, extremely expensive luncheons and dinners, not to mention all those state of affair parties, But seeing that these people in Washington take FREE gifts courtesy of the American taxpayer that’s too much.

    Warren addressing the loopholes and how they are spending taxpayers money was just the tip of the iceberg.
    But what is really disturbing is how they want to cut vital services of medicare , medicaid and social security. I fell if this happens, Americans on the edge will collapse into a black hole of despair, We are looking at the bottom of a very big empty barrel and there is not a morsel to be had.

    1. tsal says:

      It’s for the reasons you stated in your last paragraph – along with others of course – that I will support Warren. I like that she speaks out against cuts to those services. I wish she were running against Kerry. I wouldn’t mind seeing Brown and Warren together. I suspect they could turn a few heads in Washington.

  6. sloopjohnB2b says:

    Great to see two moonbats from the same party duking it out. Queen Elizabeth is out of touch.

  7. emom says:

    If the president is looking to cut costs across the board in Washington, Like expensive smart phones, cars, computers, giving them unlimited funds to do as they will with it, allow them extravagant luxury lengthy vacations, giving them more time off than actually being in the office doing what matters. Having a supply of special freebie gifts to give out to many folks, Oh wait they are not for the public to get only the “SPECIAL” folks receive them like those teddy bears, hats and mugs, WHY.
    If the president is to take air force one , and with the current volatile events going on in this country, then It would stand to reason to PROTECT the first family and his cabinet. I mean is that not the first protocol to preserve the presidency at all cost.. so with that said, Why not embrace technology to do just that. Utilize video technology between groups, instead of actually being there use the video links to see and talk with each other, It after all exist and is used every day. It would save millions and would preserve the safety of the president , his family and the cabinet .
    Why do we need to use funds from taxpayers to pay for things we all know can be costly , There is a far better at cost savings and well Washington is not willing to entertain the idea of doing just that.
    Ask the American families on what they have had to do in the way of saving money to stay afloat. I know I would be first in line for that conversation and break down costs so they see first hand what it truly is like,

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