The Patriots signed defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in the offseason and halfway through the season the team has decided to let him go. Haynesworth only recorded 3 tackles in the 6 games that he played in for the Patriots this year.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe spoke with Toucher & Rich about the Patriots cutting Haynesworth, will Haynesworth get picked up by another team and could Chad Ochocinco be next on the chopping block?

“I don’t want it to come across as that’s the only reason that he was cut, what we saw against the Giants. I think at the end of the day that it was an accumulation of a lot of little things, but that was deffinetly the final straw, the Giants game,” Bedard said.

After the Patriots cut Haynesworth it seemed that some teams might be slightly interested in picking up the defensive tackle including the Jets. What are the chances that Haynesworth gets picked up by a team and plays in the NFL again?

“The only way I can see it happening is if a team like the Jets even for this weekend try to harness any anger he might have and see what happens.” Bedard continued, “I don’t see it happening, but nothing surprises me in this league. There is a coach out there who thinks that they can get through to somebody, but I think a lot of them know that if Bill Belichick couldn’t get Haynesworth to play it’s pretty much a lost cause.”

The guys moved on to discuss Chad Ochocinco and his performance sso far this season. Could he be cut soon because of his lack of production?

“He’s closer to breaking out then being done that’s for sure,” Bedard said.

Listen to find out what Greg Bedard thinks that Ochocinco could contribute to the offense.


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