By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – While the rest of us focus on what Herman Cain said at Tuesday’s press conference, one Massachusetts man scrutinizes how he said it.

Don Khoury is an expert at reading body language. Most particularly, he studies the gestures and expressions of people running for public office.

Cain’s press conference shows a very intense, very angry presidential candidate, that much is clear.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

Khoury says he can tell the CEO is a man used to being in control – a control he relinquished yesterday afternoon.

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But he can’t say Cain was being dishonest.

“There’s not a lot there in terms of deception, but there’s a lot of anger,” Khoury says. “There are times when I saw some fear, some frustration.

“He’s coming across very confident, but angry.”

Cain clenches his hands when reporters start asking questions. Khoury says that shows frustration. But at the same time, Cain shows his palms when he explains his story, in an attempt, “to show he’s got nothing to hide”.

Khoury says studying Cain’s mannerisms presents a bit of a problem since he is such a polished, practiced speaker he can hide his emotions.

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  1. donny says:

    This is news?….

    What’s next? a crystal ball and a palm reading of Candidate CAin?…

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