Felger & Massarotti opened the show discussing the New England Patriots 24-20 loss to the New York Giants yesterday at Gillette Stadium yesterday.

Is there any hope in defensive improvement left? Is it too late to expect changes in the Pats defense?

The defense struggled yesterday, but Tom Brady also has his struggles. Brady struggled for the first 55 mins of the game yesterday. Is Brady in a funk? How can he get out of it?

Have the struggles of the defense caused the Pats to have issues on both sides of the ball?

What direction is this team heading in?

Is Brady spreading the ball around enough? Who are Brady’s viable options?

  1. Robert Walsh says:

    In general, I think Belichick has lost control of the team, just like Tito did with the Red Sox. We’ve got Julian Edelman being busted for groping, Gronk’s picture, Brady vacationing in the Caribbean, and Hanesworth and Ochocinco not wanting to play. Speaking of Edelman, why was he out there instead of Faulk, after Faulk got reactivated> Edelman spent more time in the courtroom than on the practice field, and it showed. Finally, that last drve was poor time management. They could pick up the first down without scoring. Get that first, pick up a second set of downs and eat up more time, giving the Giants less time to come back.

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