MILTON (CBS) – At five years old, Ty Wilhelmsen of Milton had a very tough road.

He had a brain tumor that required two surgeries that left him in a wheelchair and unable to speak.

He is the son of WBZ-TV graphic designer Ron Wilhelmsen and a lot has changed for this young fighter ever since.

First, he can talk and second, he’s not only walking, he’s playing soccer now at age 12.

He’s not a David Beckham as of yet, but thanks to Friends of Jaclyn Foundation that pairs college athletes with kids dealing with brain tumors, Ty has been getting some expert help from the men’s soccer team of Curry College.

They spend time with him, they coach him and last year, he was on a soccer team and the head coach couldn’t make the game, so the entire Curry College team showed up to help the kids out.

The players say they are getting as much out of the experience as Ty says he is.

Watch Jonathan’s report:

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