By Ken MacLeod, WBZ-TV

NATICK (CBS) – Kevin Corrigan hardly noticed the jimmied door when he came home from a couple of errands in the middle of the morning last week.

But his wife’s jewelry scattered around the bedroom got his attention.

The burglars hadn’t even bothered to go around back to get in.

“They walked right in the front door,” says Corrigan. “Pretty brazen. Right along a busy street. They didn’t seem to care.”

He’s not alone.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

Check: Natick Police Crime Advisory (.pdf)

Natick police have posted a map on their website showing roughly 10 break-ins over two months — spread all across town.

We found Beverly Klau playing with her young son Bernie this afternoon inside their home on Shady Oak Lane.

She says she doesn’t worry while she’s at home with her kids, but is religiously setting the burglar alarm these days, after learning that her next door neighbor was broken into.

“It makes me mad — and really sad,” says Klau. “For someone to do that they must be really desperate.”

The burglars hit her neighbor’s house on Halloween, prying open the bulkhead and kicking in the basement door.

Unlike most the other break-ins, this one happened at night.

But just like the others, the crooks made off with a flat screen TV, laptops and jewelry.

This is a neighborhood with plenty of barking dogs — a good defense.

But the bandits are still finding plenty of unlocked doors and windows, so police are urging residents to stay alert for strangers who appear to be casing possible targets.

“We need to get more involved helping our neighbors — and helping police help us,” offers nearby resident Linda Luz.

Back at Kevin Corrigan’s place on Everett Street, the burglars made off with some of his wife’s jewelry — but that’s not what bugs him most.

“It makes me angry,” says Corrigan. “Because you feel so violated. Someone was in my house, and I don’t know who.”

Overall, the number of burglaries in Natick is down from 2010.

But police say this recent spike is still a concern.


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