GILMANTON, N.H. (CBS) – Members of a Brookline, Mass. Boy Scout group had to be rescued when they lost their trail on a New Hampshire mountain.

The two 14-year-old boys and 31-year-old William Sherwin, an assistant leader, lost the trail after they separated from the rest of their group. As it grew darker, the troop’s leader, Howard Spielman, says they knew they wouldn’t find their way back.

Instead, Spielman says they started building a shelter and used a cell phone to flash a light up toward rescue crews.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

He says Sherwin is an Eagle Scout and the two younger boys are also accomplished scouts. “There was a lot of concern in general, but I felt these guys are prepared,” he said.

State Police used their helicopter to track the group’s location. With night vision and infrared technology, they first saw the light and then saw the boys waving. Trooper Andy Player says that technology made all the difference because searching the mountain is like finding “needle in a haystack.”

“It was a rewarding feeling knowing we found the people. They were looking for help and we were able to get them out of there safely,” Player said.

New Hampshire Fish and Game searchers went to the scouts on foot and led them back to safety.

“They were cold. They were tired. They were uninjured fortunately,” said Lt. Jim Juneau. He says this time of year is tough for hikers because leaves often obscure the trail and temperatures can drop suddenly.


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