BOSTON (CBS) – Week 9 in the NFL is almost done and here are some of the interesting stories that happened this weekend.

-The Tim Tebow and Willis McGahee  show led the Broncos to victory on Sunday.  Tebow had two touchdown passes and ran for 117 yards while McGahee ran for 163 yards and had two more scores.  At least against the Oakland Raiders, this was a winning combination as Denver won the game 38-24.

“As long as it worked, that’s all I care about,” McGahee said. “He did a great job as far as reading the ends on what he had to do as far as keeping it or giving it. When I got the ball it was my job just to get some yards.”

The Broncos got their third win of the year and all of a sudden, it’s the Raiders who look like they have no direction.

– The race for the worst team in the NFL is now down to just one.  That was after the Miami Dolphins put a beating on the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Dolphins get their first win of the season and they did it on the arm of quarterback Matt Moore, who threw for 244 yards and three touchdowns.

It was the first hat trick by a Dolphins QB since Chad Pennington in 2008.

“We had a couple of big plays, which kind of lit the fire,” Moore said. “You make a couple of big plays early and there’s no telling what can happen.”

The Indianapolis Colts are now the only “defeated” team in the NFL at 0-9.

– Just in case you were waiting for the San Francisco 49ers to fall apart, you might have to forget about that.  This was another week that San Fran went on the road, to the the East Coast, and came away with a victory (so what if it was against the Redskins).  Jim Harbaugh has done a great job with that team and they are making the most of their weapons.  Frank Gore is back on the map and they are all sounding like winners.

“It’s different from the top down,” said Gore. “That’s all I can tell by. Once you’ve got that, everybody together collected as a team, it’s not about this head coach’s way and there’s no way. It’s not about this owner’s way or no way. It’s not about the star players on our team trying to get their way.”

– Soccer 6 checks in this week and I can barely contain myself because the first top is HumpDashian. That’s right… the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.  Now 6 was one of the people that thought this false wedding was going to work.  A $10 million price tag for the extravaganza and it lasted all of 72 days.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

They should take both of those slackers and run them through a car wash, because this story stinks.

Read: Levan Reid’s Patriots Blog

This was made for television from the get go and 6 fell for it hook, line and crazy.  Now Soccer tells me there’s word that Kris says “he is devastated!!!!” From What????  He dated her for a hot minute, was married for a quick second and now he’s back out there trying to be the broken guy.  He’s a loser and from now on when I greet people I am going to find out if they are pro or con Kardashian.  If they are pro Kardashian, I am going to immediately call them warm garbage and move on.

6 says, the new season of Kourtney and Kim starts at the end of the month and it will have all the divorce stuff on the show.  I left out the start date of purpose because I am trying to cleanse people of this mess.

– 6 has more and Terrell Owens is back in the news. This time he has legal problems.  Okay, I have a soft spot for T.O  I don’t know why but he tends to grow on me.  I don’t hate him as much as a hate war or the Kardashians.

Owens is in the news for not paying child support. He failed to appear in court for a hearing and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  6 says T.O. cannot pay his child support payments and he has been very open about his financial situation.

Okay, does VH-1 not pay him because I know he’s making money.  Anyway, maybe he can run drills in some parking lot, with his shirt off for cash and that can make up of the difference in the payments.

Poor .T.O.  Maybe he should marry a Kardashian.

– 6 had one more item to talk about, but Soccer had no idea who Pete Rose was so I could not find the topic worthy.  Poor 6, Pete Rose is a legend and I cannot believe Soccer had no idea.

Quick quiz 6, what was Pete Roses’ nickname and who’s baseball career did he ruin?  If these question had to do with the Kardashians, I would have gotten the answers before I finished the thought.  The world campaign starts now. This is a Kardashian free zone.

Except for Chloe, something about her.  Maybe she will beat up her other siblings.

Thanks for reading and thank you Soccer 6


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