FOXBORO (CBS)  –New England Patriots president Jonathan Kraft is confident the NFL will have HGH testing soon, and there is no need for congress to step in.

“I hope we don’t need politicians to get involved,” Kraft said Sunday on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Sylvania Patriots Pregame Show. “The players have agreed to HGH testing in the new collective bargaining agreement. It’s just we have to mutually agree to the process. I think what the union is doing is trying to make sure what they approve doesn’t have the risk of false positives.”

“We at the league feel we have presented them something that takes that risk away, and they should be comfortable with the HGH testing,” said Kraft.

While the players are concerned with false positives, there is always the concern that players will be able to mask the testing. Kraft says the test the league has in place will rule out both of those.

“You need an appropriate test; we think we have found it. The world doping council has said our system works.”

“I have to believe we will get this resolved here, certainly by the start of next season, but hopefully before then,” Kraft said confidently.

Kraft also touched on the recent arrest of Patriots receiver Julian Edelman for indecent assault and battery.

“It’s hard for me to comment, both because I haven’t read much on it and because it is pending in the courts. Every time I spend time around Julian and have been around him, he to me is a stand-up guy who we’re happy to have involved with our team,” Kraft said of the 25-year-old Edelman. “I think details of this will play out, and beyond that I shouldn’t say anything else.”

“I think a lot of times all types of people get accused of things and are found innocent, and are sometimes found guilty; that’s why we have a court system.”

Edelman is due back in court in January.

Listen to Jonathan Kraft in his entirety, including his thoughts on the New York Giants and Super Bowl XLII.


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