A Blog by Gary LaPierre

    With all due (dis) respect, please add two more names to the list of idiots who support the Occupy Wall Street wackos in various parts of the country.     Yes I did say at the outset of this urban violence…”it may be the largest gathering of stupid people ever assembled, in recent memory.”   First let’s mention the Mayor of Oakland, California.   That city is trying to recover from millions and millions of dollars in damages caused by the “Occupy whatever” thugs and the lady Mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan should have to pay the bill by herself.  This Chinese lady definitely raises the bar when it comes to “only stupid people should apply.”   I get the feeling if she wasn’t the mayor she would have been out there as part of the 99% crowd herself, tossing rocks and setting fires, but no…….she was in her home sending Tweets to the urban rioters telling them to “cut it out….and call me…call me…. so we can talk.”    Mayor Quan is one dumb incompetent woman and once again we can say….”only in California.”

     The other knucklehead I wanted to mention is none other than Michael Moore.    This piece-o-work is a multi-millionaire many times over.  His movies and productions are supported by the banking industry, the Goldman Sacks et al of Wall Street.   He’s on the high-end of the 1% of people who the “Occupy” ninety-nine percent dopes hate, and guess who’s out in Denver, rallying and firing up the street demonstrations.   Yup, fat-ugly Michael…..and the Occupy people are cheering him.   Moore is the epitome of what these Occupiers supposedly hate…so I respectfully refer you back to my second sentence; “the largest gathering of stupid people…etc…….”  And just to make matters worse and show again the insufferable arrogance of Moore, a reporter asked him at the demonstration if he was comfortable, as a one percent  multi millionaire speaking to the 99% crowd, Moore answered “you are  just a punk media liar.”    Moore is a disgusting mutant, but most of us know that.   The 99%ers should, once again, do their homework.

     I remember once back in 2004 when George W was running for a second term, Moore, surrounded by fellow lefty loons Streisand, Sarandon and Baldwin said….”if Bush gets re-elected, I’ll leave the country.”   I publicly contacted all of them and said “I will personally pay for a one-way ticket for each of you to leave the country, on election day or better yet….right now.”

     Damn, not a single one of them took me up on the offer.    But the offer still stands.

Comments (2)
  1. Terry Wood says:

    Gary, When did you become a curmugeon? You were a well respected journalist, until you started spewing right wing idioms, you lost all respect for your ability to bring NEWS to New Englanders.

  2. Bob says:

    Gee Terry, lighten up….as Gary explained to another whacko a couple weeks ago…this is a BLOG….an opinion….IT IS NOT THE NEWS….Obvioulsy he hit a nerve with you and you are most likely embarassed that you even have the thought of support for the great unwashed ones making foolish on their occupying crusade…


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