WEBSTER (CBS) – Police in Webster are looking for a man who stole an Auburn school bus and crashed it into a couple of parked cars and a house.

Witnesses saw the bus barreling down Whitcomb Street just after midnight Saturday morning when it hit two parked cars and dragged them down the road.

The bus blew through a stop sign and slammed into a house.

The driver took off running and by the time police arrived, he was gone.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

“They were here within a minute after I called them,” said Josh Chenevert, the manager at Dominos Pizza on Whitcomb Street.

Whitcomb Street is a one-way, and Chenevert says they had to shut down for the night because the entire road was blocked off.

Responding officers brought in K-9 units, but were unable to track down that suspect.

Police aren’t yet talking about why the man may have done this, but witnesses say they saw several beer cans at the scene.

  1. njuguna muigai says:

    How did this man was able to steal the school bus? To me it indicate perhaps the ignition key had been left in the bus and the guy knew that .This guy might be a former schoolbus driver and so he knew the key are left in the bus. Police should find out since leaving the key in any vehicle leave alone school bus is a serious offense. In my country one can be charged for leaving the keys in the vehicle

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