FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – The i-Team told you this week about Michael Foley, the powerful and well connected Building Commissioner in Framingham.

Tonight he is off the job, placed on administrative leave by the town’s Interim Town Manager because of what the i-Team found.

The i-Team tried to talk to Framingham’s Building Commissioner Michael Foley two weeks ago. We were looking for answers to questions we submitted to him, ones he promised to answer, but never did.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports

Shortsleeve asked Foley as he left his Framingham office, “We would like to get some answers to the questions the i-Team submitted to you?”

Foley would only say, “Talk to counsel, thank you.”

We called town counsel but he did not return two phone calls.

The i-Team wanted to know about what appeared to be fraudulent expense reports, specifically putting in for mileage that he never drove.

And then the i-Team found evidence of huge discounts on expensive building permits for places where Foley was connected like his health club. The potential cost to taxpayers –was about $4,000.00. And there was The Bone restaurant which under went an extensive renovation and it was documented on national TV. However not a single permit was required and no fees paid. Sources tell the i-Team Foley actually told one inspector to stop asking questions about those permits. Foley has friends associated with the restaurant.

George Lewis is an elected Framingham Town Meeting member.

“That is outrageous, for someone in authority to start giving discounts to other people, that’s not, it’s the town’s money, and it’s our money.”

Foley is also being investigated for his questionable work habits. The i-Team learned he teed off every Wednesday this summer at a golf course in Millis. His scores over 17 weeks were even posted on line.

One unidentified source told WBZ, “Everybody in the department knew about it, it wasn’t a secret at all.”

Shortsleeve asked what “was their reaction to it?”

The former town employee said, “They were very upset, why can he get this privilege and why not anyone else in the department?”

“Why does he get it?”

As of Friday morning Foley is on administrative leave with pay. His salary is almost $98,000. He is expected to appear before Framingham’s Board of Selectman next Tuesday night at 5:30. That will be a private executive session so they can deal with a personnel issue.

The i-Team has learned town leaders are even considering hiring an outside contractor to do an independent investigation because of the volume of complaints that have come in since the story aired.

Comments (2)
  1. Dorothy Sheehan says:

    foley is terribly skinny if that is he in the Pic taking his clubs out of the trunk of his car. I thought he was kind of big guy. Lost wt. Mr .. Foley

  2. Harry Narr says:

    I can’t figure out what’s going on with high level people over there, but it can’t be good and it’s got to be bigger than any of us know. As someone else wrote…”this is just the tip….” The high-paid Building Boss is just a small piece. The Town Manager gets canned – OK, great start. Has any looked into why they don’t have an HR Boss….with 1000’s of employees and Unions to negotiate with??? Who is handling all that important stuff? The CFO does the budget on spreadsheets? Is this really the way to handle a multi-million dollar budget? Has anyone looked into why there isn’t an IT chief for 3 years??? I heard there’s an “acting” but this guy has no college, no job experience and no formal training. I also heard they were the former IT chief’s secretary!! ….and making over 6 figures for 3 years – how’s that pension looking – Da#m good maybe. What’s happening in DPW – hiring relatives of Selectmen. I guess they were qualified…yeah right. And then getting suspended for it. Where does all this end? From where I’m sitting, the HAM is a sad place and getting worse. Glad those aren’t my tax dollars. Sorry guys – you’re looking more like Chelsea every day.

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