STONEHAM (CBS) – A Boston man is under arrest after an unprovoked and vicious attack outside of a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Witnesses say it started when the man began shouting racial slurs.

Kyle Gamst recorded it all on his cell phone camera. The homeless man out of nowhere attacked Teresa Jefferson in Stoneham.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

“And he started yelling racial slurs at them,” says Gamst. “So one of the girls out of her car.”

The video shows that’s when 60-year-old Thomas Barney of Boston rushed at Jefferson and she defends herself. We spoke with Teresa Jefferson on the phone.

“This man comes running at me to attack me, I mean he was swinging and everything,” says Teresa.

When he saw the girl got out of the car he charged at her and started grabbing her and they started throwing punches at each other and friends came out of the car and they started kicking him.

The audio has Barney shouting out racial slurs at both Jefferson and her friend who helped her.

After the attack Barney claimed he’s a federal agent. Then took off.

Police later captured Barney on Franklin Street in Stoneham. He was arraigned this afternoon in Woburn district court

  1. jaygee says:

    It is quite obvious that this guy is mentally ill and simply un-accountable for his actions but what I find equally disturbing was the young guy who recorded the event on his cellphone. How could he stand there while she was being attacked and instead of assisting her and the other woman, simply put the bloody phone down and help? Perhaps he was thinking that this would make a great entry on YouTube!

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