BOSTON (AP) — A federal judge has given former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi and co-defendant Richard McDonough two additional weeks before they must report to prison.

DiMasi and McDonough were scheduled to begin their sentences on Nov. 16. DiMasi got eight years in prison, McDonough, seven.

In a ruling issued Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf moved the reporting date to Nov. 30 to give the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals more time to consider requests from DiMasi and McDonough that they be granted bail and allowed to remain free during the appeals process.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mary Blake reports

DiMasi and McDonough — a Statehouse lobbyist — were found guilty in June of charges stemming from a scheme to steer two lucrative state contracts to a software firm in exchange for kickbacks.

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Comments (6)
  1. Mark says:

    If I said it already why wasn’t it posted? Your website s???ks

  2. Willow says:

    Are you friggin kidding me? I guess DiMasi and his pal will have a lot to be thankful for. This is unbelievable. I think my blood pressure just shot through the roof.

  3. phil says:

    3 convicted speakers and counting.
    The eloi that inhabit this state will keep voting in progressives until all the money leaves.(which it is) Don’t forget we are losing a
    One of our big medical companies is moving to CHINA because of Obama care penalties.
    The libs are almost done sucking the life out of the country.
    This state is owned by public unions and corrupt DEMOCRAT officials.
    The people here are brainwashed from birth to be liberals.
    I have full confidence you guys can turn this state into a giant slum before California does.
    The two states are having a kook contest and we are winning!!!

  4. emom says:

    OH HELL NO HE SHOULD NOT….. ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR EVER LOVING MINDS… REALLY… Now tell me that they will allow others in for the same thing to go home for a holiday or and event for the same reason… that judge is foolish ,, truely out of his mind……

  5. Douglas says:

    Maybe Wolf was bribed to overturn Dimasi’s sentence. Ah Massahusetts justice.

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