BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts lawmakers are set to hold a public hearing on a bill banning the sale of synthetic recreational drugs known as “bath salts” that mimic pot, cocaine and other stimulants.

The synthetic drugs can cause paranoia and hallucinations and have been linked with deaths and hundreds of calls to poison centers nationwide. Some states have banned the substances and the nation’s largest doctors’ group supports a national ban.

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The Massachusetts bill sponsored by Attleboro Republican state Rep. George Ross would classify bath salts as a Class C substance under the state’s drug laws.

The proposal is scheduled for a public hearing Thursday at the Statehouse.

An Associated Press analysis shows that the substances are increasingly causing users to fall seriously ill, with some suffering seizures and hallucinations.

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  1. Willow says:

    All the other drugs are banned and that doesn’t stop anyone from using them and harming themselves, so why do we bother to put a ban on anything? If people are stupid enough to use them and hurt themselves, it’s their choice. Isn’t that what people want, the right to choose? Why not about what drugs they use too. There we go, trying to legislate common sense again.

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