Lawrence Mayor ‘Bothered’ By Rumors Of Eventual Arrest

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William Lantigua (credit: William Lantigua For Mayor on Facebook)

William Lantigua (credit: William Lantigua For Mayor on Facebook)

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LAWRENCE (CBS) – The streets of Lawrence are buzzing with rumors that Mayor William Lantigua is about to be arrested.

But, the mayor was on the job on Thursday.

“While I do my job as best as I can, I have a group of men and women that are dedicated to push the city of Lawrence forward, and that’s what we try to do day in, and day out. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t tell you those rumors do bother me and my family, without any doubt. We have done nothing wrong and it’s very uncomfortable,” said Lantigua.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office won’t confirm or deny the existence of an investigation, but the fact remains that Lantigua has not been arrested.

However, local groups have attempted to recall the mayor, who has been the subject of several incidents this year.

Why are the rumors heating up?

“I don’t know. Somebody just through something out there and somebody grabbed it, and all of a sudden everybody’s running after something that’s not there,” said Lantingua.

Lantigua added that he’s not worried about being arrested, if that ever happens.

“I don’t worry because I’m a man of faith and I have not done anything wrong,” said Lantigua. “But if that was to happen, we’ll address it accordingly.”

Lantigua said his supporters and his faith are helping him pull through some tough times.

“(Supporters) come here and call me to express their support and to reaffirm the confidence they have, not only in myself, but the people with whom I have surrounded myself to drive the city forward. That’s the main reason why they come,” Lantigua said. “But, what I tell everybody is just stay focused, continue working hard, and at the end of the day, I’m a man of faith. The truth will come clear and everybody will know that, even those who are not from the area (know) what type of person I am.”

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