A Blog by Gary LaPierre

       I knew when I got out of the everyday working world of the media almost five years ago, I was going to have lots to say in my spare time about the deterioration of news gathering and dissemination of information in this country.   I predicted way back when (almost five years ago) that it was getting ugly out there and the legitimate news organizations in this country had virtually relinquished control of “news” to the public-at-large.   And the public-at-large was totally screwing it up.     Screwing “it” up……screwing “us” up and little did I realize at the time how wrong I could be.   When I suggested that the “public had stolen the media…and totally screwed it up” I had no idea what a understatment that would be.    From what I’ve been seeing and hearing in the past year or so, there is no hope.   The “social media” is now in control and Andy Worhol’s “15-minutes of fame” should now be emblazoned on the side of every soup can.    Because if you want your “15-minutes of fame” you can get it…..easy……there are dozens of do-nothing, know-nothing, account-for-nothing, soap-box organizations out there, ready willing and able to give you your “15.”     And guess what, if you can’t find one of those totally irresponsible organizations to give you your “15”….hell do it yourself!   Get a friend with a cheap i-phone to record it, put it on You-Tube and bingo…..chances are one of the formerly legit networks will pick it up.    It is disgraceful what the media will sucker for and it’s getting worse….week after week after week.

     What’s in vogue at the moment?   Is it a surfer getting bitten by a shark?   Great, got two or three of those.  Send me the pictures of the surfboard with bite marks in it and heck we’ll fly “Surfer Joe” to New York City, all expenses paid, to show us his stitches and mumble a couple of words about “how lucky I feel and yuh Dude, I plan to surf again as soon as I recover.”    Maybe it’s the story about a little boy who wants to join the Girl Scouts.   The Girl Scouts said no….so Mom and Dad are suing the Girl Scouts of America.   Perfect!    Fly ’em all to NYC and we’ve got a show.    How ’bout a Kardashian wedding?   There’s a charade that lasted seventy-two days.   And the knuckleheaded “Mr” Kardashian says he was totally shocked and still wants to reconcile.   Kris, did Kim tell you that booty was brains?

     Enough Gary grumbling for one day.

  1. Rosey Baxter says:

    Gary, I completely agree with you. A friend of mine told me the #1 show in the US is The Jersey Shore. I am appalled at the dumbing down of America! I have never seen the show but TV & video games have the American adults and students far behind our global neighbors.

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