BOSTON (CBS) – Parents of New England, let’s tip our caps this morning to Kim Kardashian, the shallower-than-a-petri-dish celebutante from the publicity-crazed Kardashian clan of reality TV infamy, and her soon-to-be-ex-spouse of two months, Kris Humphries.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

They have given you a golden opportunity to have one of those in-the-car, staring-out-the-window conversations with your kids that, as you know, can sometimes be the most candid and meaningful talks you’ll ever have.

Chances are by now they’ve already heard the news that Kim and Kris, joined together in holy matrimony, ‘til death do they part, at a modest $10 million televised wedding on August 20th, barely made it past the magic two-month mark.

Kim filed for divorce yesterday, citing irredeemable foolishness, or rather, I’m citing it for her.

If you have wasted precious hours of your time watching Kim parade her vapid personality and grotesque materialism over the past few years, you know that she is the poster girl for narcissism, or self-love, without any apparent justification for that adoration.

Compared with Kim, her sisters Khloe and Courtney are global female role models, and believe me, that’s a stretch.

I know less about Kris, and therefore can’t confirm or refute the smearing of him by Kim’s friends, who claim that he turned out to be a money-grubbing idiot as well, but I find it hard to believe he deserved her, and this.

One can only hope that, for both of them, their 15 minutes of fame are up.

But this is a teachable moment for parents to explain that Kim and Kris are really little more than vandals, who’ve casually desecrated a very special and important institution.

When you marry someone, you are giving up your selfish singleness in order to share your life with another, and by doing so, create a special union that will transcend its parts.

That is a goal of the utmost nobility, and it deserves to be revered, not treated like a joke by golddiggers.

It can be hard to tell kids this is how you should be.

But at least we can point to Kim and Kris and their sham marriage and say this, without a doubt, is what you want to avoid.

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  1. CommonSense says:

    Marriage is useless now a days. Not getting married is so much easier AND CHEAPER!

    1. Lori says:

      Not getting married may be cheaper then getting married BUT if you 1)live with someone & 2) have kids together then it is financially more prudent to GET married then to NOT.

  2. Lou C says:

    Jon, I could not agree with you more. The more troubling trend is the slew of Kardashian-esque reality shows featuring similarly self-obsessed and shallow characters that the networks throw at us. These people are so divorced( no pun intended) from reality. It’s sad, bizarre and troubling for those of us who want our children to grow up with a sense of maturity and community. I’ve been married for 23 years and ,yes, we’ve had to work on it, at times. But I guess from today’s perspective, my wife and I would be classified as boring and our lives would not be featured on any of these reality shows. Fine by me.

  3. emom says:

    To many venture into a marriage to only end it in divorce. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING… I took my vows seriously and still love my hubby. It seems marraige last a mere few years or less thesse days, and so many young folks see these marraiges as the IN thing to do … For some its like trying on SHOES, when yo no longer need them you get another pair.. It seems to be a status symbol to JUST get married pretend to be married and then divorce,, What has this world come to .

  4. Lori says:

    I am on my second marriage and must admit I married hubby #1 to get out of my parents house (and no I wasn’t pregnant first.) I wasn’t ready then. I am still with my second husband and it has been TOUGH most of the time… through financial troubles and health issues but we are still together even though both of us at time have felt like running in the opposite direction. We are honest about that though with each other. Things are definately NOT easy.

  5. Ron says:

    It is if you are a “celebrity” looking for publicity.

  6. Enough says:

    When you look at people like these, as well as the other “reality” “stars” of today, and the impressionable young teen girls who follow and in many cases worship them, and heaven forbid try to emulate them, it’s troublesome! What are the messages? Be like Kim and marry just for fame and money! Be like Snooki and get drunk in bars, lift your skirt, bed random guys? Let guys like the Situation use and discard you? It’s really scary. But then again, the same was said about Madonna, etc. so who knows…..

  7. mikey says:

    A 10 million dollar wedding and 72 days of marital mess, this isn’t reality – not even close!

  8. roudydowdy says:

    I have no clue who these “reality stars” that you are talking about are or why anyone cares about them. Marriage is no joke for sure. That’s why I’m proud of Massachusetts and New York for accommodating marriage for all citizens to marry the person they want to marry and shame on those who try to prevent “real people” from that right of the pursuit of happiness.

  9. FireGuyFrank says:

    Jon, we live in a society that says that any two people can get married. Marriage does not mean what it once did. In fact, two people don’t even have to be married anymore to have children and the other benefits that are supposed to come with marriage.

    And in Hollywood, marriage has been a publicity tool for decades. Why should Kim Kardashian be any different than anyone else? The only difference is that Kardashian is famous for no apparent reason. Elizabeth Taylor had looks and could act. Rock Hudson had looks, and could act.

    Puh-leeze. This nation is losing its fundamental ideals.

  10. emom says:

    FireBoy Frank, how true that is, Far to many folks these days follow what the rich and famous do, Its like getting a trophy a prize or some reward for just getting married.. I have seen so many push the other one into a marriage but then only fail miserably, If both people are not into getting married then WHY DO IT.. to many divorces because to many just are not ready or should never get married,
    The vows are just words to far to many, the meaning is mute, the idea is more of a status symbol the rings are prizes,
    These days they create there own vows to avoid the reality of what a marriage means, To marry someone to simply get out of your parents house, to do it because your friends have done it or are pressuring you, or because your family is pressuring you into it, Most ever make it. And if they add children into it then they are the ones that will get hurt in the end,,
    Marriage is not playing house like a little girl, its responsibility, work, struggles , it comes with love and disappointments, hurt and frustrations. But to many throw a marriage around like a book, read it , and discard it, what a shame to enter into such a life to only end it because neither party was even interested …
    Your right marriage is not the same , I and I don’t think it ever will.. what are those vows again., OH YEAH.
    For richer or Poorer,
    in sickness and health
    to death do us part,,,
    Yeah something nobody takes interest in ,,,
    I did,
    I do
    I still do,
    21 years and still believe in all of it, especially the 2Nd.
    I have not turned my back on my marriage thru all of it…

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