A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     I told you so……I told you so……I told you so.      Yes I know I had a 50/50 shot at being right….and it worked.    The St. Louis Cardinals whooped the Texas Rangers late last night and I predicted it hours before it happened.   :-)    Tell me I don’t know sports!!!!

     The Cardinals pulled off one of the biggest comebacks ever in major league baseball.   In August they were about 124 games back (give or take) in the wild card race.   in September they were still 87 games behind (give or take) with 5 games left in the season and today, October 29th, they are the World Series Champions.    Another way to look at it…..St. Louis did the exact opposite of what Boston did. Boston gave up and tanked…St. Louis never gave up and won it all.

     Congrats Cards……….I told you so….I told you so…..I told you so!!!


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