WORCESTER (CBS) – At Curtis Factory Plus in Worcester, the largest supplier of plow and sander equipment in the area, phones are ringing off the hook with people scrambling to get ready for the storm.

Marc Curtis says he can never remember such an early storm. He says trucks were lined up out onto Route 146 this morning for service.

“Based on what we’ve seen today you would have thought it was the Blizzard of ’78 all over again. Just it happens to be late October and we’re really not geared up or used to seeing this kind of a scare.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports from Worcester

Jim Hoey was supposed to get his plow serviced on Saturday, but brought in early to see if he could get early start. While most people are complaining about the early arrival, Hoey says, “I’m feeling pretty good. Hope to make a little money.”


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has 4,000 pieces of equipment ready to respond to Saturday’s storm, including plows, trucks, and sanders. You may see some of them out a few hours before the storm, pre-treating the roads with liquid calcium chloride. It’s supposed to prevent snow from sticking to pavement.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports from Weston

Tree crews are anxiously eyeing the leaves that are still on the branches. “The snow weighs that down until it could fall,” says Chris Jorstad, of Lynch Landscaping and Tree Service.

At Home Depot the lawn mowers are still out, but right behind them, a row of snow blowers. Inside shoppers spent Friday night stocking up.

“Little concerned,” says Sudbury resident Tom Kennedy. “We want to make sure we’re ready to be able to get out of the house tomorrow and have the driveway cleared.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson and Christina Hager contributed to this report.

  1. Kiner says:

    Here we go again, with all the hype and posssible consequences about the pending storm.. Why not just tone down the hype and let the Public decide what is the best way to handle the situation.

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