BOSTON (CBS/AP) – The Nor’easter this weekend may test the resolve of the Occupy Boston protesters.

They knew they would see cold weather, just not this early. The city is telling the protesters that they are on their own.

Mayor Menino has urged the protesters to seek sturdier shelter, but most are respectfully declining. The city has spent 72 hours warning those in Dewey Square that heavy rains, wet snow and strong winds might breed misery in tent city.

Menino, who has been supportive of the protests says, “It’s gonna be a nasty night and we hope they use some common sense and go inside.”

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

On Friday some volunteers went tent to tent to help each the occupants winterize their camp. Some were handing out free wool hats.

A winterization committee has been set up that will try to obtain super-insulated sleeping bags and other winter survival gear. Activists from the movement’s flagship encampment, consisting of hundreds of people in New York City’s Zuccotti Park, are sorting through packages arriving daily that include coats and jackets.

Eric Martin, who is on Occupy Boston’s winterization committee, said the group had raised about $35,000, which could help buy winter supplies. Various ideas are being discussed to keep tents warm without using combustion-based heaters, which are forbidden.

The city says they won’t touch any tents unless they blow into the street and block traffic.

The protesters have spoken with some churches and homeless shelters about emergency bunk space if needed.

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Comments (7)
  1. gramps says:

    Menino might just be ‘awakening a sleeping giant’ who’ll run against him next time!

    Mr.Mayor you can lead a horse to water….


  2. antimsmnews says:

    The occupy protester have collected over $400,000 in donations so far.

    Yet the homeless are shunned from eating there.

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    You can get more stats on the protest at my website:

    1. Micah says:

      @antimsmnews Uh, that is a blatant lie, many of the occupiers are from the homeless community. Anyone is welcome to come eat with us and live with us if they abide by our nonviolence and sobriety policy. People like to keep spreading the misinformation that we turn homeless people away, when really the only people turned away have been people using drugs in camp or starting violence. Not all of those people were homeless and CERTAINLY not all the homeless people in camp have done that; I think the consistent conflation of these two things is a sign of bigotry on the part of the people spreading this misinformation.

  3. fred says:

    So the occupy people want to take up shelter space that is used for the homeless. Maybe they should let the homeless stay at their homes while they are occupying the homeless peoples space. After all it would only be sharing the wealth with those less fortunate.
    Why are the taxpayers allowing the Mayor to put them all at financial risk. Beyond the no permits required, free electricity, cost to repair the sod, trash and waste pickup, massive police overtime and when someone (eventaully) is seriously injured, sickened by watse and waterborn third world type disease, or dies as result of allowing these groups to illegally occupy a public space the city will be liable and will be on the hook for a big financial settlement from a lawsuit. How many teachers, school janitors, police or other city workers will be laid off to cover that one – or maybe the Mayor will just have to raise taxes to cover the cost.
    Most people (who work for a living) that i know just shake their heads at the occupation. Except for the exagerated covergae by the media most people look at the occupy movement as a temper tantrum and a nuisance that will have little to direct effect on the system. Maybe doing something constructive would help instead of whinning and being jealeous of others who work harder than they do if the occupiers even or ever worked at all.

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