I laud the effort and share the sentiment of the Occupy Movement. I feel a lack of focus will sadly result in the movement just fading a away, and a rare opportunity will have been lost. I have spent more time with the Occupiers than most and I was a bit of a cheerleader for them, but now I am disappointed. I now believe that we as individuals must bring about change with the everyday financial and lifestyle choices we ALL make. The only way to truly cataylze change is to use your dollar as a tool. You can start your own protest today with the choices you make. It is one thing to voice approval for the demonstrations. It is quite another to actually make lifestyle changes that will bring corporate and political change. To paraphrase my friend, James Krause, “The dollar spent is the only tool we the people have that makes one bit of difference.”
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  1. S.P. says:

    Using our dollars as a tool is, indeed, an excellent way to bring about change. However, it’s not the only way. Education is key and most people have no idea what’s really going on beyond what they see on corporate owned news channels such as yours. The Occupy movement is educating the public. And it’s awfully nice of them considering most people would rather sit home with their beer and big screen TV’s watching football. I, for one, am grateful that they are doing this and I support them wholeheartedly.

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