STOW (CBS) – A former Boston meteorologist and his wife got into trouble while apple picking at the Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow.

Mark Rosenthal and his wife wandered far into the orchards and it started to get dark. The wife then called 911 when they couldn’t find their way back.

Police then called the orchard’s owner, who located the couple before officers arrived.

Earlier this month, a family called 911 after getting lost in a corn maze in Danvers.

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  1. Yikes says:

    is the human race just becoming more stupid? this apple orchard has been there for years, the mazes are done every year and either this doesn’t happen or was never picked up by the news. people are just radiating stupid lately

  2. emom says:

    ok HAVE people completely lost all sense of DIRECTION, I mean do people actually get ost in open fields, please its not the woods where you cant get your bearings, its rows of trees, follow the row and you are out,, what next getting lost in boston,, Do people stray from the paths looking for adventure, please dont, gee maybe gps needs to be added to folks,,,

  3. jaygee says:

    What do you expect, he was a weatherman! Most people would be too embarrassed to call 911 so as to report they were lost in a maze but it’s becoming common in our state. I guess the government will have to step in and close all maze fields in the state because of the “Moron Factor”. Unbelievable, to say the least.

  4. tsal says:

    I wonder if anyone who has posted above and has obviously never had anything go wrong in their lives has been to Honey Pot. It is a huge area with tons of trees – not a field and not a few rows. We go there every year and during the day with tons of people around always manage to come out someplace we do not expect. It was pitch dark. He was told to call 911 so they could use GPS to track his phone.

    Again this seems like a case of let’s put everyone under a microscope and criticize them for a mishap from our glass homes.

    1. Vera Carroll says:

      I have been to Honey Pot Hill for several years and only a complete MORON could get completely lost, panic and call 911! And if you go to a field when it is completely dark bring a damn flashlight!

  5. response says:

    tsal, doesn’t the situation make you wonder and just shake your head?
    Imagine a world with no cell phones, we actually had to figure things out on our own. I think it used to be called common sense. We couldn’t just pick up the smart phone and call 911.
    The smarter the cell phones people have the dumber the people get.
    My first thought was a publicity stunt, but really, why advertise that you are that stupid?

  6. emom says:

    What ever happen to simple navigation, I mean , we use maps to navigate roads, OH wait that is so old fashion,, its GPS now,, should folks carry one to be able to walk around.. OH WAIT your cell phones might have that app,, USE IT,, Is girl scouts and boys scouts still teaching navigation,, GOD I was a girl scout back in the 60’s & 70″s and still remember what to do,,,, Moss grows on one side of tree, look at the stars at night listen to the sounds around you,, and please remember where you walk and periodically look around,, get your bearings,, gee I have been doing this for years,,, I never needed to call 911 for help ,,,
    Sorry its becoming an epidemic and yes publicity stunt on to many levels. Maybe people should watch a few of those shows on cable TV to learn what to do in case they ever get lost… Apple orchard really I have been to many and never get lost in them most in NH… WOW.

    1. Vera Carroll says:


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