OXFORD (CBS) – An Oxford man is in jail after he apparently called a national hot-line to say he was stalking a 13-year-old girl.

Kelly Hoose reportedly told the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children he had been following the girl for months.

State Police say Hoose rammed a cruiser, punched a trooper and grabbed for a knife before being cuffed in his Oxford home Monday.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

Hoose’s reaction to being arrested is puzzling considering he himself phoned the hot-line to say he was following a Millbury school bus with evil intent.

During the phone call, Hoose admitted to following the school bus on and off for three months ever since he saw a curly-haired 13-year-old girl get on board. Hoose said he loved the girl, wanted to kiss her and planned to take her to his house. He also gave the operator his name, address and license plate number.

The agency called Massachusetts State Police who looked at Hoose’s record of child porn charges and sex offenses in other states and began tailing him. When they questioned him, he got belligerent, rammed a cruiser and sped home where he was arrested.

The Millbury school system was quick to warn all students and parents of the situation through flyers, e-mail and reverse 911.

Hoose was acquitted of child porn charges back in 2006 after he tipped-off authorities that he’d downloaded the pictures.

All the new charges he faces are for assaulting officers and resisting arrest. None relates to stalking the girl, who investigators have not pinpointed yet.

Comments (10)
  1. The Truth says:

    I believe the clinical term is…..SCHIZO-F’N-LOONEY TUNES!!!!

    1. Al says:

      And you KNOW that will be his lawyers’ position, too!

  2. IronManCC says:

    Sounds like the guy has some serious mental issues; but, maybe in a moment of clarity, decided to make a call….. Who knows what’s going through this kind of person’s mind….

    1. Guest says:

      “Who knows whats going through his mind?”

      A shotgun blast If I had any say in it

  3. Concerned Parent says:

    Lucky, I have to live on the same street as him. I hope they don’t release him. There are a ton of families in our quiet neighborhood with young children. The parents will murder this guy if he shows his face here.

  4. Nice says:

    A sick man with a compulsive conscious…if we could just train them all like this….

  5. Concerned Parent says:

    Guess who just made bail…

  6. discusted parent says:

    Are you kidding me?? 50,000 Bail wasn’t high enough??

  7. silly2 says:

    O.K., calling on yourself was good, but it would be better if you did the world a favor & just killed yourself.

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