BOSTON (CBS) – Nearly two dozen locations in Boston have been hit by vandals who spray-painted political messages support of the Occupy Boston protests.

The messages, some of which said “End the Fed” and “Tax The Rich,” were tagged onto downtown buildings.

Police are investigating whether the graffiti is connected to Occupy Boston, but organizers of the protests said they are not to blame.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

Occupy Boston organizer Barry Knight said the graffiti is counterproductive to the end goal for the protests.

“I don’t think buildings need to be tagged, windows need to be broken or anything like that. This is a peaceful revolution, not that tagging anything is actually violent, but it is an act of vandalism,” said Knight.

By nature, the “Occupy” movement is made up of people from all walks of life. So, determining a possible connection between the vandalism and the movement is difficult.

“When we’re talking about the 99 percent, though, of course there’s going to be a percentage of those people that are going to take some actions. Again, I don’t agree with it. I also don’t speak for the whole community,” said Knight.

There’s a security camera near some of the graffiti on Custom House Street in Boston, which could help police in their investigation.

Comments (15)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Must be those racist Tea Partiers…

    1. Nab71 says:

      Can’t be. If the tea party were believed to be involved coverage would be non stop. Every bit of graffiti would be broadcast, and accusations would be repeated without any. evidence. Nancy Pelosi would be warning of anarchists at the gate.
      This is probably the product of the 1-2% idiots that exist in any group whether it be a protest or a classroom.
      But what a contrast in reaction by the media and politicians.

      1. Yikes says:

        Yes, because the Left demonizes the Tea Party but villifies these Occupy “Protesters”. Typical hypocrytical Liberals. Now really, if it wasn’t Occupy folks who did this, what is it a coincidence that it happened while they are there and has their message in the grafitti? You are so correct, if grafitti happened during a Tea Party protest the media would be up in arms, the state would be arresting and charging them, or at the very least kicking them out.

  2. Enough says:

    SURE it wasn’t the protesters…… riiiiight……

  3. vb says:

    you’re right, target the few protesters. not like 99% of the population should have the same agenda as them, and agree with them..

    1. Anonymous says:

      99% agree with them??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Keep dreaming….

      1. vb says:

        I said SHOULD agree with them. If you don’t agree with them you are a dolt that thinks that 1% of the population should have 80% of the wealth. I am guessing you are not in that 1% so I don’t know why you would agree with that..

      2. Nab71 says:

        Then there are a lot of dolts out there. Not exactly the way to recruit,. VB
        99 % will not agree because they want to be the ultra wealthy. Liberals, especially professors today and mine 30 years ago do not seem to understand that most Americans support a system that gives them the opportunity to be rich. Most don’t make it because of lack of opportunity, talent, work ethic, or sound judgement. Much of the problem in the economy is because of debt taken on by those trying to be rich, event though they weren’t. Yes, Bankers took advantage, with an assist from Barney Frank pushing for loose lending standards–he called that affordability. But no one forced them to take on large debt, the individuals made the decision. If the debt bubble hadn’t imploded we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        I do agree that 1% holding 80% of wealth is unacceptable. The same uneven distribution brought about the Great Depression. This time though the problem was brought about by the presence of government tinkering, not the absence. Be careful what you wish for.’How do you reach a fairer percentage, and what is it.? If you redistribute wealth are you going to put in a myriad of agencies to protect people against their own stupidity. If you divided all the wealth equally and practice true laissez faire within a relatively short time there would be poor, middle class and rich.

  4. shotime says:

    Time to tell them all to go home!

  5. John Sousa says:

    He said; “This is a peaceful revolution” and you worry about paint on a building. Do you not want to know more about “REVOLUTION”! Do you think you know what he is talking about? How about ASKING the question; WHAT KIND OF REVOLUTION? What is YOUR END RESULT if your REVOLUTION is successful?

    1. vb says:

      1% of the population not having 80% of the wealth is pretty much the end goal here..

  6. D Caf says:

    So sick of hearing about these aimless losers and their rootless existence.

    1. vb says:

      Aimless losers? How so? For finally getting sick of the financial situation this country is in? I literally do NOT understand how anyone can be against their cause unless YOU are making millions a year. Clue me in!

  7. macruder says:

    Okay Menino, what are you going to do now? Continue to spend more taxpayers dollars on this mess of a crowd? Now, the businesses will have to pay to clean off up this graffitii.

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