BOSTON (AP) – A federal judge has acquitted a retired Boston district fire chief of pension fraud, but criticized a “flawed” system.
Judge Edward Harrington dismissed the case against 67-year-old James Famolare before it went to a jury Friday.
 The Boston Globe reports Harrington also said the case exposed problems with the fire department’s disability pension system, which he said “abuses the taxpayers.” The case followed a Globe series on pensions.
Famolare was indicted in 2009 after allegedly conspiring to retire on disability at a higher scale than his regular pay. He said he injured his back on a temporary, higher-paid assignment. His lawyer said he never intended fraud.
In August, a jury also acquitted former firefighter Albert Arroyo of fraud. His case drew attention after he was photographed in a bodybuilding competition weeks after filing for disability.

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  1. fred says:

    He never intended it to be fraud because everybody does it – so it must be ok.
    I wouldn’t accept that type of excuse from a ten year old. Good luck paying your bills Boston. The taxpayers won’t mind paying more because after all that this man sacrificed for the public welfare. There is no telling how much better off his life and finacial condition would be if he didn’t go into public service and entered the private sector. Sickening.

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