FAIRHAVEN (CBS) – A bank property inspector helped police catch two suspects trying to break in to a foreclosed home on Friday.

Officers say the man was conducting a property check for the bank at a home on Rockland Street in Fairhaven.

That man later told police he heard noise coming from the rear of the property and went to check it out.

He walked around back and found two men trying to break down the rear door with an axe.

The man used his camera to snap a very clear photo of the two suspects.

They realized what was happening and took off.

But, using the photo, police managed to track down 18-year-old Andrew Simuel.

Officers later arrested 19-year-old Adam Shervo, when his father turned him in.

Shervo had already been arrested twice last month for breaking into places.

Both men are facing several charges, including attempted breaking and entering.


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