BOSTON (CBS) – Special commemorative license plates have become a popular way for the state to raise money for various funds and charities, and now a state rep from Provincetown wants to take the practice to a new level.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Rep. Sarah Peake testified on Beacon Hill yesterday in support of a bill directing the Registry to issue a Baby Boomer generation license plate, yours for only $30 extra on your registration fee.

The money would go to local councils on aging, appropriately enough given their struggles to fund the anticipated avalanche of demands from aging members of the “me” generation.

And the bill calls for a contest to choose a design for the boomer plates, with the winner to be chosen by a panel appointed by the state’s secretary of elder affairs.

What a groovy idea!

Let me be among the first to get the ball rolling with some ideas for designs that will reflect the true contributions of the baby boomers.

Let’s start with the most prominent contributions of my generation to society, the Internet and the ready availability of sushi at supermarkets and gas stations.

We could have the plate resemble a computer monitor, with a fitting maxim printed along the bottom: “A boon to predators and anonymous commenters.”

Or the plate could resemble an order of sushi, with crossed chopsticks over it and a soy-colored background.

Or we could design the plate to reflect some of the more unfortunate parts of the boomer legacy.

How about a bi-partisan “Boomers in Washington” logo commemorating uncontrolled spending and unnecessary wars?

Or a “Boomers in the Media” motif with symbols representing knee-jerk bias, excessive partisanship, and indifference to facts?

A timely design would honor the outstanding performance of boomers in business and on Wall Street, with the plate number superimposed over jobs and pensions being tossed on a fire.

Yes, the baby boomer license plate is an idea whose time has come.

It’s the only plate you’ll ever buy with the hope it expires as soon as possible.

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Comments (11)
  1. tsal says:

    I think it’s a great idea to raise extra money. I’d suggest every plate begin with


  2. Willow says:

    Why do we always reflect on the negative characteristics of a group of people? That’s like saying all teenagers are gang bangers. Why not produce a plate with teardrops on it depicting all the years of hard work. barely getting by, and then losing whatever savings you had for retirement to the greed of wall street? Baby boomers have fought wars they didn’t want to fight, did so to keep our country safe. Remember also that baby boomers supplied plenty of social security and medicare money all these years only to wonder if they will ever be able to retire because it’s all been spent. I could go on and on, but I’ll save you all a headache, or is it too late? Sorry, I guess I was just thinking about ME. Did I say I hate labels?

  3. Stephen Stein says:

    As soon as I heard this on ‘BZ yesterday, I knew it would be the subject of your commentary today.

    But how about this – instead of a fee to opt IN for these plates, make it standard for baby-boomers to be issued these plates, and charge a fee for boomers to opt OUT and get regular plates.

    I bet that would raise more revenue.

  4. gramps says:


    A ‘cane’ comes to mind or maybe one of the following:

    Either the silhouette of a Davy Crocket ‘Coonskin Hat’ or a ‘Mouseketeer Cap’…’Goofey’ might be appropriate also!..

    I’ll take ‘Goofey’!


    ‘Disney’ might want a piece of the action?

  5. mikey says:

    Forget the design, how about a slogan:

  6. The Owl says:

    How about one with Road Runner actually hitting the concrete barrier that Wylie Coyote has built with Wylie standing by with a wry smile.

    Symbolic that overconfidence eventually gets its comeuppance.

  7. mikey says:

    And next Tuesday at 3:00 PM, Rep. Peake is scheduled to give shadow puppet lessons to her fellow legislators on Beacon Hill.

  8. Mr. Mike says:

    How about a mandatory plate for people who toss cigarette butts out their car windows?

    An image of the earth inside an ashtray with a smoking cigarette perched on the edge, and the slogan “The World Is My Ashtray!”

  9. Fred says:

    I can see a plate, with a capital I, a heart and a capital U. Then I can see a cop that stopped the car call his station and ask for a make on “I Love U”.

  10. FACE says:


    So…you’re hitting OUR gang now, eh?……..

    Nicely done!


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