BOSTON (CBS) -The news of Moammar Gadhafi’s death in Libya is bittersweet for a Massachusetts family.

In December 1988, Syracuse University student Nicole Boulanger of Shrewsbury was killed on board Pan Am Flight 103 when it blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland.

When it came to light earlier this year that Gadhafi had personally ordered the bombing and helped cover it up, Nicole’s mother Jeannine said she was not surprised.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

When she heard about his death Thursday, she told WBZ-TV she had mixed emotions.

“I somehow felt that this would get resolved in one way or another eventually. But I was not prepared for it this morning,” she said.

“It also made me think about perhaps now there (is) hope for the Libyan people who have been so disenfranchised under such a tyrannical leader all of these years.”

“I think that this had a very just conclusion, although I would have preferred to see Mr. Gadhafi tried in the World Court for his crimes against humanity.”

Listen To Paula Ebben’s Interview With Jeannine Boulanger:

  1. petem says:

    Whenever this story comes up and Nicole’s picture is posted, it breaks my heart all over again. Nicole worked for me in ’84 at a store in Shrewsbury as a high school senior I believe. She was even then the kind of person that lit up a room and the kind of kid I hoped to have one day. We didn’t have a girl but I like to think that my older son has the caring compassionate nature that I saw in Nicole.
    Rest in Peace Nicole….

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